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Shazly Khan
Shazly Khan! Why art?

Shazly Khan define and purpose of Art has changed throughout centuries, but it still remains the foremost powerful tool, language and type of expression which has the ability to sculpt, transform and move people or maybe nations.
As Art is my forte, it makes me hugely responsible to play my part and encourage people’s positivity through expressing my art.

How long have you ever been working as a painter?

I have been painting for 20 years professionally. I had my first ever first solo exhibition in 2002, held by Sir Ali imam, had 8 solos in between. Reputable achievements were. My paintings FAMILY TIES selected by the United Nations(The UN need artists for The Milan Expo 2015) 1,000 submissions 200 artists from 66 countries. So choosing only 60 works of art, the choice committee selected works of 52 artists.
In June 2016, two Murals were selected by the US embassy in Islamabad because were Inaugurated by the US ambassador Mr David Hale and now a permanent collection at the US embassy in Islamabad.
Currently having my ninth solo show but 3rd with email this 15th Feb2021 in sha Allah

Does your opinion about the artwork change the longer you study it? Why?

It doesn’t change necessarily but yes as we tend to appear at it for extended and deeply, and after attending to know what the thought process of the artist it becomes an extension of our opinion.

What inspires Shazly Khan?

Life itself and being a part of this journey so that the main inspiration of my paintings.
How the planet needs peace, love and positivity. we’ve forgotten to enjoy life during this fast paced life. Therefore i feel the strongly, the requirement to spread the message of joy and happiness across, directly or symbolically through this versatile art medium.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

I think some the artist’s attributes which influence the meaning of the art are artistic training and technical skill, aesthetic sense, creative style, personal interests, resilience, signature work, sense of nostalgia, yet because the artist’s psychological make-up, present spirit, values, beliefs, level of cognitive development, level of self development, and level of religious and spiritual

What role does the artist have in society?

As an artist, I truly believe privileged and highly responsible towards society, Socially, Economically, and politically. Our role is Pivotal in transforming our society.
We have the tools and skills to endorse the great and bad globally.

What work does one most enjoying doing?

Painting of course! Plus I really like to conduct art workshops with children from all walks of life because working with them is like striking a chord with angels, pure and spontaneous! Bringing a smile on their faces means the globe to me. So no words can describe the fulfillment and happiness it gives me.

What themes does one pursue?

My themes revolve around celebrating life, tea breaks with family and friends, meditation, finding inner peace, prayers, bonding with loved ones, especially with kin.

I use the flesh, as a metaphor. Sacrificing facial expressions so I invest heavily in compensating this major artistic time-proven “tool” with highly animated bodily expressions. I play skillfully on the manipulation of scale, gestures, and exaggerated proportion to urge the message across.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

My mother! once I was a toddler i accustomed see her sipping her hot cup of tea , searching the window, oblivious of everything: home, work, city and folks. the sweetness of how she could shut herself out from her busy routine life, meditating into her happy zone totally mesmerised me!

How has Shazly Khan practice change over time?

With the passing of time, personal experiences, and experimentations. My work has grown, matured and it’s become more bold and spontaneous i feel it’s become a brand new genre because of a fusion of expressionist, impressionist, symbolist, romantic, and surrealist styles.

They become more textured to grade of sculpting roses, surface of weaved fabric to energetic splash of inviting romantic reds and pinks celebrating life complemented by the spiritual blues!

What memorable responses have Shazly Khan ever had to your work?

“Shazly Khan’s art has not just pleased my eyes but has impacted my inner, spiritual self. the colourful colours and therefore the depictions have move not only during a fun way but the simplest way that tells a whole story. Each painting has its own special tale to inform. The paintings capture the essences of life – family, love, friendship, also as nature, connections, faith, and most of all being simple and enjoying the limited things in life. I’ve the good pleasure of viewing her art and been lucky enough to be ready to own a pair of her pieces. Looking forward to more great work by her within the years to come!”. A memorable response by a really lovely art enthusiast and art buyer.

Is the artistic life lonely?

I believe no because it’s different for artists on personal levels.
For me i try my uttermost so I can balance life and art.
But yes, when art is within the process of being created, starting off from the thought process to the ultimate brush stroke, he/she needs to be in this zone where work can only be tired isolation for that point frame.

What does one do to counteract it?

Balancing family, friends and art with their due respect.
I paint within the night till the wee hours of dawn.

What does one like about your work?

It’s art therapy! I meditate and find inner peace through so it serves the identical purpose to my art lovers! It works on numerous levels.

What research to Shazly Khan do?

Life is my mentor because I study myself, people and relationships around me.
Educating myself about the socio, economic and political current situations.
Studying art and our religion,
Reading biographies and success stories.

What is your dream project?

Working under the umbrella of Unicef , having the privilege to try to to art murals with children, as art therapy, bringing smiles on their faces.

Name three artists you’d wish to be compared to?

Van gogh

What’s the most effective piece of recommendation you’ve been given?

Dream big! you’ll and you will! there’s always room at the top!

What’s the most effective piece of recommendation you wish to give?

I, being a visible storyteller and painter, strongly believe in the necessity of being happy. Being happy makes life bearable. Seeing the glass full or half empty, both have their positive and negative impacts on our psychological state, emotional and physical well-being. that specializes in the nice, whether or not we face challenging situations and obstacles, no matter how little or insignificant, find it and cherish it!
Taking breaks from our daily routines, busy or mundane lives, doing away with time for one’s self, having a cup of tea, bonding with loved ones, meditating, praying, and finding inner peace

Professionally, what’s your goal?

It’s my ultimate dream that my artwork is showcased in galleries all around the world. I hope to succeed in out, through my paintings, to the planet, spreading joy, colors, and smiles everywhere because the globe is in dire need of positivity, happiness, and inner peace.

Feeling proud and truly humbled that the viewers immediately sense happiness and inner peace through my paintings. I hope to attach with my viewers because of my narratives and symbolism, being therapeutic, at some level, and be able to bring joy and inner peace in their lives, as art does the precise thing to me too!
Always dream big…dreamers are achievers!

My artistic journey has been a noteworthy one, living my childhood in Algeria with beautiful nostalgic memories where art was inculcated in me, so in Pakistan my roots… it’s still the start, and my work is evolving, and that I hope to explore and touch new horizons! It’s a continuing process of growth.

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