How do live theatre is the finest among movies?


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For thousands of years, people have told each other very beautiful lavish stories. We’re in modern times so these reports can hit millions around the world. For example, the story of a young boy who had been lost in India whose story was portrayed in the movie Lion or the movie about an acknowledged talented soccer player. theatre


These are the tales that have become public entertainment films. Some people would rather see the old style of stories told live before the crowd. London theatre shows like The King of Lions and Les Miserable were very popular with hundreds of people who watched them.

Here are several reasons we agree that live theatre is better than films:

  • The most noticeable distinction between films and live theatre is the immediacy of live theatre. In movies, incidents don’t happen before your eyes. In the best shows in the west, the incidents happen right before you. What you see was not edited until it was finished or reworked until the director was satisfied with it. Something may go wrong which makes the performance even more exciting. When all goes well, the show is miraculous.
  • The reason why theatre actors are known in Hollywood. As more talented than movie and TV actors. An actor in the film will get plenty of chances to correct his part, and movies go from scene to scene. A theatre actor will still have to perform perfectly every scene. Movie directors can cover many of their actor’s flaws, but for a good show, the acting has to be flawless. If a stunt is present, the director will find a stunt double, but the performer will have to do the stunt in the theatre production.
  • Movie directors don’t always film sequentially scenes, ensuring the actors won’t see the entire film until the premiere. On the other side, theatre actors would be completely in line with the storytelling flow. They can represent suspense as the story progresses, something a movie actor doesn’t have. This is why live presentations are typically more convincing than films. The actors of the theatre present their stories in chronological order, meaning that they tell a tale that makes the stage more powerful than a story told on the screen.
  • Your local cinema may have the latest sound equipment, but the sound of a live show can not be replaced by anything. Cinema directors dub into additional music to enhance the sound of a battle scene or a car accident. You can hear live music in theatres because the sound is created right there. The actors will sing and perform to a high standard.
  • London show tickets will provide you with the opportunity to meet the actors and actresses who acted for you. There’s no great possibility that after watching their film you will meet Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence. But if you stay for a short time behind the stage show, the actors could come and get autographs and tell them how they felt.

The connection between drama and music

  • There are many parallels between music and drama and compliments. Unfortunately, their true importance is frequently overlooked with both arts, It’s always incorrect in music that robotic, machine-like playing is considered to be “good music” because it is “technical.” The same is true in acting. Sometimes, many actors are famous not for their versatility in the role but for other reasons, such as appearance, media popularity, etc.
  • True, mastery of performing arts requires professional skills. But that’s not the only part. If there is no feeling, no emotion in acting and music, the work has no life and there is no true contact, which is the most essential part of the art.
  • There are complexities (intensity variations) and nuances in music (subtle variations). If you follow the complexities and nuances of a piece, you have to do so and remain trustworthy. But it’s not the same as showing emotion or feeling.
  • The key is that the composer enters the world and assumes his point of view when he or she composed or wrote this work. This is how it is in the drama: after knowing his role, an actor decides how to represent his character. It incarnates the role and becomes that character. the facial expressions are all carefully made with a tone of voice, pace, movements, and postures. The actor pours his soul into the character and animates it with energy. He must take the character’s standpoint and become it.
  • The same is true of music. Next, one should dig into the composer’s point of view. What does this piece say? What are the feelings? Does it involve love, hatred, desire, loss, pleasure, etc.? By incarnating these thoughts, you express those emotions, which then has an emotional effect on your audience, and now, art takes place.
  • And each piece has a different feeling. Sadly, some musicians have become slightly uniform. I would suggest that a musician of all ages study dramatic arts as well. Actors can also study music to a certain extent. Both would help to expand one’s understanding of his art. As a true professional, dedicating some time and practice, the results are worth it.
  • Music is a strong instrument to change yourself. People listen to music and want to clap, tap or dance spontaneously. Music can generate this kind of electricity. It uses hidden feelings, skills, and gestures. It’s medicinal. It leads to enhancing your aesthetic appreciation. It’s a whole different energy. It is an integral element that genuinely embodies her feeling.

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