Saba Qamar ‘’IS NOT GETTING MARRIED’’ with Azeem Khan.

"saba qamar", Saba Qamar  IS NOT GETTING MARRIED with Azeem Khan.

Actress Saba Qabar is best known in Hindi Medium for her work. The actress played Irrfan Khan’s late wife in the film, and the audience replied well. Saba actually broke the social media by unveiling wedding plans with blogger and entrepreneur Azeem Khan. The actress decided to call off her marriage plans with Azeem days after sharing happy news. Yes, that’s true. That’s true. But now, the actress has informed everybody on social media that she doesn’t marry Azeem.

When Saba took her Instagram handle, she shared a note to straighten the record. In the note, the actress said that it is never too late for bitter realities to be realized. The Hindi Medium actress also said that in real life, she never met Azeem.

“Hi Everyone, Here’s what Saba wrote on Instagram. Because of a lot of personal reasons, I decided to call it down with Azeem Khan; I have a very important announcement to make,’ WE are NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW’ I hope you guys will support my decision just as you have been supporting me always. I think it’s never too late to realize that bitter reality!

"saba qamar", Saba Qamar  IS NOT GETTING MARRIED with Azeem Khan.

Saba said, “I also wished to clarify ONE IMPORTANT thing. I’ve never met Azeem Khan during my life. Right now it is difficult for me, but as we all know, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” Insha Allah:) Love you a lot, everybody!” He was Qamar.” He was Qamar.

After Saba shared the news, Azeem also put together an Instagram story with a title saying, “She did not write my side of the story, and it is my fault. Yeah, this is my fault.”

After Azeem announced his involvement with Saba, a woman accuses the entrepreneur of sexual harassment of those who don’t know. Denying all the accusations leveled against him, Azeem shared an Instagram video and said, “I truly want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown during the last two days. Some people said odd things, and I wanted a video message to answer them. Only one thing I want to say, what is the point of uploading social media statues. Let’s come across the right channel.”

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