Iznik fashion ‘BANARAS’ Festive Collection, Launching in stores nationwide and online 17th February.


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Iznik’s Unstitched Festive Collection “Banaras”

Iznik has started the festive season with yet another intricately designed and masterfully made collection. Like all collections before this, Iznik’s “Banaras” has redefined formalwear. With sophisticated articles that take inspiration from the sub-continental history that surrounds our daily lives.

The pink theme is highly inspired by the ‘pink city’ Jaipur of India. Known for its Rajasthani art and architecture and the ochre tones that give the city its pinkish hue. It was the perfect place to influence a festive embroidered collection from the brand. The place not only served as the backdrop of the beautifully shot campaign but also inspired the names and essence of the articles.

Iznik Unstitched

“Banaras” by Iznik comprises ten articles, each with a personality and aura of its own that ties beautifully into the theme of the collection. From the soft and creamy hues of ‘Mira’ that remind one of the sophistication of the royal family. That ruled the southeast to the monotonous fully embroidered light blue ‘Jal’ named after the Mahal of the same name. All of it takes us back to the roots of the royal family that built the city.


Where the previously mentioned articles have softer tones of color. The collection also has plenty to offer to those who prefer a touch of darkness in their outfits. ‘Mahal’ is a midnight hue of chiffon that has silver threadwork running over it that forms the shapes of Rajasthani architecture of the most intricate work. Similarly, ‘Sawai’ is a pure black article off the net that features floral embroidery reminiscent of the immensely made royal gardens of the sub-continental monarchs.


Not only do the articles each have a uniquely inspired pattern and embroidery. They also come in different types of stitching styles. One important yet often overlooked feature that Iznik offers to their clients is the option of getting their favorite garments stitched by the brand in more than one style. This keeps the options open and where one style of a particular garment but may not seem attractive to a customer. The other style is sure to catch their eye. Some articles come with sleeveless kurtas, with other stitched patterns of long flowing sleeves. In other instances, elongated wide-legged trousers of an article can be swapped out for fitted ankle-length straight trousers. This option of two stitching styles for the customers is an additional perk that not many brands are willing to provide.


A fairly new addition to Iznik has been their custom-made matching handbags go perfectly with their garments. “Banaras” shows such handbags in a lot of the campaign shots. These bags are optional for anyone looking for perfect accessories to go with their outfits. Sometimes a simple yet customized bag can go a long way to lift an outfit to its fullest potential. Iznik has understood that very well and rightfully provided the much-needed accessory. That almost all of us love having in our arms at weddings and formal events.

All in all, “Banaras” is a collection that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. The colours of the articles seem to pull you in but the historic embroidery only makes the garments more interesting to look at. Iznik has yet again successfully launched an irresistible formalwear collection that you just cannot take your eyes off.

Website: www.iznikfashions.com

Instagram @iznikfashion

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