Alia khan is young charming and positive person who believes her self and on her dreams

Alia Khan is a famous Pakistani singer. She has made a memorable impact since her arrival into the world of entertainment. Her well-recognized talents became obvious when she released her original soundtracks for the famous TV serial Pyar ke Sadqy. This memorable OST was nominated as the best song of the year in 2020 by Lux Style Awards. She has also sung the Ishq zahe naseeb lallaby. Her voice has become an inspiration to the viewers. Her compassion and gratitude speak through her music as she sings thoughtfully crafted songs.


1. How might you portray yourself in 5 words?  

Answer: Creative, honest, trustworthy compassionate, Sincere.

2. What makes you happy and what panics you the most?          

Answer:  My happiness comes from my family and my growth as an artist. I panic when things slow down or don’t go according to my plan.

3.  Are you willing to work more in other movies?

Answer: Yes I am. It depends on the storyline of the movie. If it fascinates me, I am totally for it.

4.  What is your most noteworthy quality and weakness?            

Answer: My most noteworthy quality is my honesty to myself and to others. My weakness is that it takes me a long time to trust someone.

5.  What kind of characters do you like to act in the most?            

Answer: I like to explore a variety of roles. I feel that every character has something valuable to add in the flowing of the script. I admire the roles that require a deep understanding of human emotions. These areas of acting promote great experiences for me as an actress.

6. Tell us your upcoming projects and plans?

Answer: Presently, I am in the process of releasing my new song named “Kuri Karachi Di.” It is about to be released in a few days time, and I will spread it across a variety of social media platforms. I would all of my viewers to have access to my new release. Additionally, I will also release a new original song once every month to keep my audience motivated and inspired.

7. Who is your inspiration to come in this field?

Answer: My teacher heard me singing a long time ago. She forced me to see the musical talents within myself. I would say that her force was my inspiration to believe in my abilities. My teacher never let me stop singing, and I will always have great respect for her.

8. What exhortation do you want to give those who need to be entertainers/on screen characters?

Answer: I would tell them to work hard and stay focused on their dreams. I would remind them that the road to success is not easy. It requires a sense of dedication and sincerity. There is always a right way, and a wrong way to do things. The right way is long and time consuming. The wrong way is short. Take the right turn. Your success in the field of entertainment with be limitless and respectful. The main thing is to be honest within yourself If you desire to be in the world of entertainment, you must do it with compassion. There may be numerous obstacles, but you must never give up. If you fall down, stand up again. Face the fears that are within yourself Make yourself strong mentally and emotionally. You should love your profession.

9. Which message do you would give to your fans?

Answer: I would like to tell my fans to work hard and to be honest. You must enjoy what you are doing. The road to success is very twisted, and you must believe that your dreams can come true. Admire and love yourself first. After that, the world will love you. Additionally, I would like to tell my fans to explore their talents and skills. Let the love within yourself be your guide to success.

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