‘Aaj Kal Bohat Liberals Agaye Hain’ – Sadaf’s Difficult Feminism Views Incite Outrage

"sunday plus", 'Aaj Kal Bohat Liberals Agaye Hain' – Sadaf's Difficult Feminism Views Incite Outrage

It is not uncommon for Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal, a celebrity couple, to make headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Thus, what is it this time around?

Sabzwari and Kanwal began dating after he divorced Syra Yousuf last year. At least, Sabzwari asserts this. Despite numerous allegations of infidelity, the newlyweds stood their ground in the face of widespread backlash and constant trolling on social media.

Kanwal, the supermodel, made a troubling statement about feminism during an interview with Fiza Shoaib on Hamary Mehman. A clip from Kanwal and Sabzwari’s interview is trending on Twitter.

“Aurat is not a bechari [poverty] at all,” the model responds when asked about her take on feminism. “Women are extremely powerful. I feel very strong, and I’m sure you [the host] do as well.” According to her, the Aurat March is a completely different debate.

“Our culture is our husband in our society,” Kanwal elaborated. “I am required to pick up his shoes and iron his clothes, which I rarely do, but I am aware of their location. I should be aware of Sherry’s [Shehroz] whereabouts and what and when he is required to eat.” Taking care of her husband and treating him with respect is what feminism means to the model, given her upbringing and education. She argued daily that feminism increased the population of “liberals.” Additionally, “as a woman,” she should comprehend her husband better than he does.

Consider this!


Kanwal has offended many by reducing feminism to domestic chores and husband care. Along with questioning the model’s meaning, some believe she has no concept of what feminism is.

The model’s view of feminism is blatantly myopic and patriarchal.

Previously, Sabzwari and Kanwal discussed and revealed the problematic nature of their wedding. The Hasad actor continued by thanking the audience for suggesting that the two could be real-life partners. Additionally, the couple revealed what drew them together!

Behroz Sabzwari, the senior actor and Sabzwari’s father, recently opened up for the first time about his son’s divorce. He discussed the difficulties he and his wife faced when Syra Yosuf and his son divorced. Additionally, the veteran actor discussed his ex-daughter-in-law.

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