The Police In Islamabad Have Registered A Case Against A Controversial Duo For Their ‘Bold Photoshoot’

"sunday plus", The Police In Islamabad Have Registered A Case Against A Controversial Duo For Their 'Bold Photoshoot'

The police have registered a case against members of the Mystical Shayari band for staging a “obscene” photo shoot in front of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait near Islamabad’s Express Highway.

The Koral Police opened an investigation following a complaint from a citizen named Rashid Malik. According to the complainant, photographs of a half-naked girl and boy in front of Quaid-e-portrait Azam’s at Koral Chowk demonstrated disrespect for the nation’s father.

He stated that several individuals have demanded legal action in response to the photos that have gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, federal investigators continue their search for the duo responsible for the photoshoot that sparked a national outcry.

Ansar Abbasi, a columnist in the capital, called for the arrest of two teenagers on Monday for displaying ‘obscenity’ in public while performing a daring shoot. But, surprisingly, nobody was aware of the two until Abbasi launched a campaign against them.

“The DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqat has been requested to arrest the couple for public display of extreme obscenity,” the journalist tweeted.

In response to Abbasi’s concern, DC Islamabad Shafqaat urged public members to come forward with any information they may have.

Both parties’ tweets elicited angry responses from the Twittersphere. Numerous individuals reminded the DC of his priorities and urged him to focus on his job rather than moral policing.

The following is the photoshoot:

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