Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends


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"sunday plus", Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends

The fashions for spring 2022 that everyone will wear

There are some denim silhouettes that may be classified as classics due to their consistency season after season. Yes, straight-leg blue jeans, we’re staring at you. While the aforementioned styles are always a good choice to have in the rotation, it’s also nice to occasionally incorporate new trends to keep things interesting. And believe me, there are a few chic spring 2022 jeans trends worth your consideration.

Numerous members of the fashion elite have already embraced the aforementioned trends. And while some of the trends have been around for some time, we’re betting the popularity of the upcoming designs will only grow in the coming months. This means that the jeans trends you’re going to examine will almost certainly be ubiquitous by spring and summer. Keeping this in mind, continue scrolling to see top-notch jeans trends. Naturally, there is some buying inspiration if you want to incorporate one of the cuts into your collection.

Baggy Jeans

"sunday plus", Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends

The relaxed and baggy jeans inspired by the ’90s that made a significant comeback last season will return in force for spring 2022 as one of the go-to denim choices for chic fashion individuals. It comes in a variety of washes, from light to fade.

Jeans with a flare

"sunday plus", Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends

Flares have been popular for a while now, but bootcut jeans continue to reign supreme for fall. Come spring, flared jeans (even those with an exaggerated cut) will be the fashion statement of many.

Jeans with Split Hems

"sunday plus", Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends

It’s all in the details, isn’t it? A split-hem detail adds a sleek and cool element to your favorite denim silhouettes.

What type of jeans are popular at the moment? A fashionable young person may state that they are low-slung and baggy, whereas an elder sibling may assert the contrary. Ask an industry expert and they’re likely to say skinny jeans, backed up by data.

However, walk into any store that sells denim and you’ll discover a plethora of designs and styles on the racks: mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, skater, stovepipe, the 1990s, sculpted, cigarette, puddle, patchwork, contrast, slim, split. What is fashionable may be better phrased in the negative: What is not fashionable?

While the cliche that a trend cycle lasts 20 years has some validity — low-rise jeans, for example, have been out of favor for roughly that long – the adage is beginning to sound ancient. Nowadays, new styles develop and recycle at a breakneck pace. Indeed, they move so quickly that they appear to stop entirely, like a vibrant spinning wheel converted into a blur of brown: everything pertinent at the same time.

1950s: Vibrant Blue

"sunday plus", Fun Fact: This Spring, Everyone Will Wear These Jean Trends

Jeans gained popularity as a sign of “cool” in the 1950s. James Dean and Marlon Brando popularised cuffed, boxy denim trends with their films that shook up the squares. Unsurprisingly, rebellious adolescent boys and girls adopted this fashionable symbol of resistance to the established quo. Following that, several school boards forbade kids from wearing jeans on the grounds that they were too “anti-establishment,” to which we say (er, sing): “Down with the moral majority!”

Cropped, Culotte, and Comfy

While the denim trend is becoming more diverse, skinnier versions continue to reign supreme due to their ability to be dressed up or down. Nonetheless, there is a trend toward a more relaxed fit, where comfort does not come at the expense of fashion (and vice versa). On-trend is medium- to high-waisted jeans with a straight or boot cut, as well as wider-leg styles—sometimes cropped, sometimes not. And, of course, there’s the modern trend toward purchasing locally and responsibly, favoring smaller, independent denim brands—including eco-friendly denim lines. We’ve dubbed this age of fashion the feel-good, look-good era.

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