Redefine Your Workspace with Interwood


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"sunday plus", Redefine Your Workspace with Interwood

Ever since the industrial era, companies have faced the challenge of accommodating large numbers of workers in smaller spaces. Even today, modern offices still struggle with limited floor space, driving companies to look for more innovative workspace solutions for their staff. Such solutions include office furniture that provides more workspace and privacy to individual users while taking up less physical office space.

Interwood’s Triton Office Series

Designed as an evolution of the industrial workbench, Interwood’s Triton range seamlessly combines the natural and industrial world into one compact and practical office solution. Defined by its contrasted natural teak wood grain top and A-shaped black metal base, the entire range is designed to provide ample workspace to extended numbers of users while optimizing interior office space.

The Triton Office Series is a complete office solution featuring a Manager Desk, workstations, meeting tables, storage options, and more.

  • Triton Workstations

The Triton Linear Workstations, for example, are designed using modular connectors that allow them to be extended indefinitely, accommodating any number of users (starting from a minimum of 2). Modern additions like tray covers, smart cable management, and the option of acoustic-absorbing grey fabric partitions or tinted glass partitions promote privacy while defining individual workspaces. Users can also easily expand storage with free-standing cabinets or drawer pedestals that are designed to slide under the tables saving precious floor space. The larger linear workstations also come with the option of an ultra-minimal open tabletop store that is ideal for books, files, stationery, and other office items. The Triton workstation range also includes a geometrically optimized ‘Y’ workstation that offers all the same features in an ideal 3-person configuration.

  • Triton Manager Desk

The Triton Manager Desk applies all the sensibilities of the Triton range to a single desk designed for one individual. The desk features a large worktop with tray covers and smart cable management, floating above a side rack with open and concealed storage. The entire desk is designed to wrap around the individual, keeping everything within reach while providing comfortable space for movement. 

  • Triton Meeting Tables:

The Interwood Triton range also comes with a range of meeting tables. These range from the smallest 3-person round meeting table to the larger square and rectangular formats for 4, 8, and even 10-persons. Meeting tables come fully equipped with smart cable management that makes multimedia presentations seamless and convenient.

"sunday plus", Redefine Your Workspace with Interwood

Don’t let limited office space limit your productivity. Redefine your office with the Triton Office Series and maximize your office space, style and productivity.

The Triton Office Series is also available on Easy Installments in stores and online.

To experience Interwood Triton Office Series, visit your nearest Interwood showroom or for more information call 021-111-203-203 or visit

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