Despite Meera’s Constant Denials, the Court Determines Meera to Be Attiqur Rehman’s Legal Wife


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On Monday, a Lahore sessions court dismissed a petition filed by actor Meera challenging a family court order denying her request to have her nikahnama (marriage paper) with billionaire Attiqur Rehman declared false.

In a brief verdict, Judge Mazhar Hussain denied the appeal and maintained the family court’s decision. According to the actor, Rehman fabricated a nikahnama to seize her property.

Meera denied contact with Rehman and accused him of attempting to blackmail her by claiming to be her spouse. In May 2018, the family court dismissed her appeal and pronounced her marriage to Rehman legal. However, it annulled the marriage based on her khula sough. Nine years previously, in 2009, the plea was entered. Babar Nadeem, the judge, stated that Meera’s case nine years ago was founded on erroneous information and that she was not Rehman’s wife.

He noted that witness testimony revealed that the couple’s house in DHA Lahore had been a source of conflict. They had engaged in criminal and civil litigation against one another over the last decade.

However, the judge did notice that the pair could no longer live as husband and wife due to the acridity of their relationship. “As a result, the nikhanama at issue is now ruled null and void,” the judge added.

Meera declares the nikahnama to be a forgery.

Meera contended that Rehman displayed a forged nikahnama in order to defraud her of her property. She contended that the nikahnama was not checked by the relevant union council and had petitioned the court to declare the contested marriage certificate bogus.

Rehman had also filed a private case against Meera with a judicial magistrate. He charged her with committing a felony by marrying Captain Naveed while she was still his wife. He said Meera married Naveed without first divorcing her prior husband and accused her of inhabiting his DHA home.

Meera is well-known for being a divisive figure. The actor makes a point of doing something to keep himself in the press. She previously used social media to alert the Pakistani authorities of her confinement in a hotel room in New York during quarantine.

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