The top 5 most popular beauty products of all time (Pocket Friendly)


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What am I wary of? I’m unable to obtain the branded beauty goods I desire.

With Facebook pages dedicated to bringing foreign-brand beauty items to Pakistan and numerous official websites assisting in such endeavors, you’d think it would be simple for me to obtain those Anastasia Beverly highlighters.

It continues to irritate me since a) the things take an eternity to arrive, and b) I end up paying nearly double the price owing to taxes, shipping, and dealer profits. I adore these pages, but there are moments when they grate on me.

I was attempting to cure a severe case of buyer’s remorse by buying more (I may have a problem) when I discovered I was staring at a range of lipsticks from a local brand, not foreign branded goodies.

And I said to myself… well, initially, “I need this!” and purchased about five… but then I thought, “There are more out there.”

We have some excellent Pakistani companies, each with their items, some of which are cult favorites. We have expensive ones and dirt cheap ones (which make you feel pretty good about your purchases), but they readily compete with imported labels that we order from other countries.

1.    Silk Foundation Masarrat Misbah

Rs. 2990

Okay! The first product may not be pocket-friendly, but trust me, it will last forever, and you don’t need to buy any new foundation to date. Oh, this beauty product is a necessity for Pakistani makeup artists. Masarrat Misbah, a well-known figure in the fashion business, began her cosmetics line last year, and even before expanding, her foundation was in high demand.

And I now understand why. It outperforms both the L’oreal True Match and Maybelline Fit Me foundations and serves as an excellent fake for the highly prized Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

The shade range is suitable for all Asian skin tones and considers South Asian skin concerns, such as humidity. It’s almost always sold out because we adore it! It could just as easily be Pakistan’s Kylie Lipkit!

Given how oily my face is (you could fry an egg on it), this product stayed put all day, provided a natural finish, and did not leave me looking like an oil field. That, my friends, is a victory.

2.   Revlon

Revlon is one of the world’s most seasoned outstanding organizations, best known for its lipsticks and other cosmetics. The brand’s healthy skin results add to its fame, and clients place an extraordinary amount of trust in acquiring its products. Its nail and hair colors are just gorgeous.

This cosmetics brand is affordable, and a large number of people can afford it.

3.   Sweet Touch Twin Cake

Rs. 950

You weren’t expecting this, were you? For the longest time, neither did I. Until my buddy raved about this, I was a little meh about Sweet Touch; nothing in their collection stood out to me.

Their facial products, on the other hand, are excellent. And this powder is precisely what this humid country requires. It helps you maintain a fresh, matte appearance. It’s superior to the majority of translucent powders available from international drugstore brands such as Nyx.

I can easily carry this in my bag, and it’s ideal for touch-ups; the powder blends in and fits your skin tone, so you don’t appear cakey or powdery.

4.   Clazona matte lip gloss 24 hr (Liquid Lipstick)

Rs. 280

Say goodbye to any liquid lipsticks on your wishlist that aren’t this one since this Sialkot-based company’s small gem will quickly become a holy grail product in your beauty bag. I’m not sure why they call it a gloss when it’s a liquid lipstick, but who cares when something is this wonderful!

Do you recall the product I purchased five of? Indeed, this is the case. Furthermore, guess what? Even after purchasing five, I paid less than half the price of a typical matte liquid lipstick. They are not uncomfortable, they last the entire day, and they are not transferrable! Clazona’s recipe is what makes me prefer them to ColourPop.

5.   Oriflame

Rs Varies

Oriflame was founded in 1967 by two Swedish siblings and has grown to become the world’s sixth-largest cosmetics brand. The best aspect of this renowned company is its healthy skin products. This brand’s therapeutic properties are utilized in more than 60 nations, giving it a larger share of the global business industry. Despite their best efforts, this brand has also associated it with many charitable activities.

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