Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home


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"sunday Plus", Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home

Many people, as dynamic working becomes more prevalent and communication technology enables everyone to stay connected remotely, are likely to have worked from home at some point in recent years. However, significantly fewer people are likely to have worked from home for an extended period, as most workers have done since early 2020.

For many people, operating in this manner has been a completely new experience that presents challenges in terms of communication, alignment, and productivity. We also recognize that returning to work has been a long-awaited opportunity for social interaction and motivation for many. Until the government advises that it is safe to do so and businesses can safely reintroduce office-based work, it is critical to prioritize your mental health.

To assist you in managing this remote mode of operation, we’ve compiled the following seven top tips for staying motivated while working from home.

Design Objectives, Not Tasks

"sunday Plus", Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home

Numerous studies have established the critical nature of goal setting. For example, studies have shown that when salespeople set goals, they close more deals and that when individuals commit to daily exercise, they are more likely to improve their fitness levels. Abstract goals, such as “doing your best,” are typically far less effective than specific goals, such as acquiring 10 new customers per month or walking 10,000 steps per day. As a general rule, any objectives you establish or agree upon should be specific.

Additionally, goals should, whenever possible, elicit intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. When an activity is seen as its end, it is intrinsically motivated; when it serves a particular, ulterior purpose—earning you a reward or allowing you to avoid punishment—it is extrinsically motivated. My research demonstrates that intrinsic motivations better predict achievement and success than extrinsic motivations.

Create organized, Small Objectives.

"sunday Plus", Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home

You probably heard this advice before, but when it comes to motivation did you put it into practice? Completing a large project can be intimidating if you are unsure where to begin. How are you going to finish if you have no idea where you’re going? Therefore, rather than focusing on a large, frightening goal, focus on one thing at a time and break the big goal down into digestible chunks.

Put an End to Your Concerns About Things That Aren’t Important.

Examine your list very carefully and closely, and eliminate anything that is both truly demotivating and unnecessary for you to do. It is not always necessary to complete a task if you later forget why you began it in the first place.

Establish a work environment in your home

If your definition of working from home includes lying in bed or sitting in front of the television with your laptop, you are unlikely to be very productive. Suppose you have a spare room or study that you can use as an office, store all work-related items there. Creating a work environment can help you achieve the mental state necessary for productive work.

Do It

Now here’s some sound advice: Rather than waiting for motivation to strike, what if you just went ahead and began doing the work you know you need to do? Immerse yourself in the project and trust that the focus will be on what you require.

Plan your day

"sunday Plus", Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home

When you establish clear objectives for the day ahead, you increase your chances of remaining focused and meeting your self-recommended deadlines. Create a list of tasks you need to complete on paper or in an application like Trello, and check them off as you complete them throughout the day.

Allow yourself breaks.

Breaks are critical for increasing productivity. If you do not allow for rest and recovery during the day, you risk becoming burnt out by the afternoon. Take a full lunch break and avoid using your computer during this time as well. When you return to your desk for the remainder of the workday, you will feel revitalized.


"sunday Plus", Seven strategies for staying motivated while working from home

While knowing that you must complete a task and submit it to your manager by a certain deadline may motivate you, those who work independently should consider ways to reward themselves after each task or day. This small boost may be all you need to move on to the next position and maintain your motivation.

Failure to maintain high levels of motivation at work can be stressful. It is critical to recognize when you are not performing at your best and discuss any concerns with your line manager or colleagues.

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