NCOC to Conduct a Video Inquiry Showing the Vaccination of Minister’s family


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Federal Housing Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema from PML-Q has been fired after social media videos have supposedly shown that his family members have been vaccinated against COVID-19. But NCOC has now decided to probe the Minister and NCOC has now decided to examine the Minister.

People in the video could see the thumbs-up sign blinking after the jab was taken but the public accused Cheema of using his ministerial powers to influence vaccination drivers.


However, in a statement reported by TV channels, Cheema refused to vaccinate his family members by using his political influence, So he said that teams from the University of Health Sciences have come to his home to give the trial vaccine a booster shot.

The Minister (Mr. Cheema) fired on Tuesday after social media video clips showed Mr. Cheema sitting and vaccinated some people under 60 years of age. But Mr. Cheema “clarified” that a UHS team visited them to administer the vaccine during a clinical trial.


But NCOC is being implemented.

The NCOC decided on Tuesday to conduct an inquiry into the Minister’s video clip. “We learned that a number of sectors of society are involved in these practices. People are vaccinated and included in the list of health workers, but “Asad Umar spoke to the federal planner and distributor in the news network.

An official of the National Health Services Ministry (NHS) also said that many people, unfortunately, had been vaccinated off-turn. So “Mr Umar has stated many times that the vaccine should only given on merit. The violation cannot, however, stopped,” he said.

“Many people seem unwilling to vaccinated, on the other hand. On the other hand, some people don’t want to wait until they turn, “He said that. The NCOC has decided to conduct an inquiry into the alleged out-of-turn vaccination of Cheema.


But Tariq Bashir Cheema accuses journalists of vaccination against themselves.

Cheema lost his temper while talking about the Dawn News program “Zara Hut Kay” when the hosts asked him about vaccination. So he called his abuse of power and vaccination a “trivial” act out of turn. Not only did he accuse a few reporters of doing the same thing. He refused to name them, however.

That’s absurd. In one of the videos, former model Iffat Omar called networkers. So is that what the PTI government aims for, ‘Naya Pakistan’ or ‘Riyasat-e-Madina?’ The government should either take strict action against such corrupt ministers or stop claiming that Pakistan is free from corruption.

Previously, Sindh Government officials reportedly suspended the District Health Office official in Karachi East district for facilitating PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair’s daughter and son-in-law COVID-19 vaccination.

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