Nike Sues MSCHF for Using Human Blood to Turn The Air Max Sneakers Into ‘Satan Shoes’


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Nike is suing New York design studio MSCHF (Nike Sues MSCHF) for its Satan shoe partnership with American artist Lil Nas X which included 666 pairs of trainers with human blood and pentagrams.

In a complaint filed in a New York district court, Nike claimed that the altered shoes, which retain the company’s iconic swoosh logo. And are leading people to believe “Nike is promoting satanism” and resulting in “calls to boycott” their brand. The song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” is a nod to X’s given name, Montero Lamar Hill, as well as the Academy Award-winning film about two male lovers.

Nike Sues MSCHF

Lil Nas X’s sneaker reference is linked to his sexuality. As a rapper, masculinity and sexual orientation subordinated to male musicians. Those who grow up in the hip-hop community taught from an early age that homosexuality and satanism inextricably but linked. The openly gay rapper discussed this in a tweet about coming to terms with his previous beliefs. Nike Sues MSCHF

Nike Sues MSCHF

What sticks out is the shoe’s most dubious term. The Air Max 97’s air bubble contains 60 cubic centimeters of red ink. Each sole’s ink has infused with one drop of blood. The blood collected over a week from members of the MSCHF art collective. Nike Sues MSCHF

Nike Sues MSCHF

Nike has vehemently resisted brands attempting to draw on Nike’s bank and popularity by sneaker designs. Ari Forman created an Air Force One look-alike (at best) inspired by a Newport cigarette pack but Nike released a cease note. In this case, Big Tobacco paid for the legal costs associated with a complaint against Forman.

The personalized Nike Air Max 97s were sold out in less than a minute. But at $1018 per pair, the partnership would have produced $677988 for MSCHF, which now sued for trademark infringement.

Nike has requested that MSCHF pay costs and legal fees and has requested an injunction to prevent Satan’s shoe orders from being fulfilled.

Nike asserts that this change could render the shoes unsafe.

Nike Sues MSCHF

MSCHF’s newest personalized Nike footwear update is the black and red Nike Air Max 97 Shoes but feature a bronze pentagram charm and a drop of human blood in the midsole. Additionally, the company unveiled a pair of custom-made “Jesus Shoes” in 2019.

“Modifications to the midsole can pose a risk to consumer protection,” the complaint states.

In the United States, many prominent religious leaders and right-wing politicians have voiced anger over the Satan shoe but the song they produced to support.


Lil Nas X co-directed the music video for his song Montero (Call Me By Your Name) in which a snake seduces him and stoned to death with butt plugs before twirling down a stripper pole to hell and performing a lap dance for the devil.

Satan is seen wearing his custom Nikes and a bondage belt. Until Lil Nas X snaps his collar, steals his crown of horns, and sprouts demonic wings.

Since there are so many of these [shoes], people believe Nike is behind it,”‘He said. “It is not a single work of art produced by some artist using a shoe. It’s because someone took a large quantity of Nike shoes. Personalized them identically, and is marketing them in such a sophisticated manner that people believe Nike has involved.

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