THE DISTINCTIONS are here, On Sunday mornings, I go for a quick walk around a neighborhood park. The park contains a lake situated in a corner. Each time I walk by this lake, I see the same older woman perched on the shore with a metal basket.

This past Sunday, I was enticed by my curiosity, so I decided to skip my regular exercise routine and visit her. Realizing this, I approached the metal enclosure and discovered that it was, in truth, a tiny cage. Three turtles were walking in a circle at the bottom of the pit, but she was meticulously cleaning her fourth turtle with a sponge brush.

“How do you do”, he responded. I see you are in church every Sunday morning”. But might I inquire as to what you’re doing with these turtles?

The smile returned to her face. She said, “I’m washing them off.” Anything that adheres to the shell, like algae or scum, prevents the shell’s insulation and limits its swimming capacity. “The slime’s constant use can also causes more shell corrosion and wear to the coating.”

Fantastic!” That’s very considerate of you! I shouted.

I go to the lake for a couple of hours each Sunday morning to unwind and lend a hand to the creatures in the marsh. There is only one thing I can do, and that is to go in my unorthodox direction.

However, almost all freshwater turtles are homebound with algae and sludge building upon their bodies, correct? I said I wanted to know. THE DISTINCTIONS


Yes, unfortunately, she said.


I furrowed my brow. Do you not believe that your time is in better use?” I do not want to belittle your efforts in any way; I’m merely pointing out that other freshwater turtles exist in lakes all over the world and 99% of these turtles aren’t supported off their shells. “None of that applies to me, So, how exactly do your actions here make a difference?

The woman let out a girlish chuckle. Sweetie, if this little turtle could speak, but he would say that I had changed your life for the better.

The moral is that we can change the world one human, one animal, and one good deed at a time, avert our eyes from the facts, and act like something you are responsible for making a difference but to be sure, it does. THE DISTINCTIONS

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