Saba Qamar’s to be Husband is in ‘RED ZONE’ Said it is ‘ DO TAKAY KA TAMASHA’


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Saba Qamar's

Saba Qamar’s husband gets into hot water. Coming on the heels of stunning disclosures by an ex-girlfriend in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Qamar is back in the spotlight again since he said engaged. And he looks and seems even more attractive now.

After a 36-year age woman had publicly announced her engagement to a 24-year-old blogger. The news spread like wildfire among fans.

Thus, it appears that the name of Ujala Khan has made unexpected revelations against Azeem Khan’s first accuser. Who has gone?

Julie took time to tell the psychologist what happened to her when she saw Azeem so the psychologist could understand his influence on her. Moreover, Ujala Khan lifted her content related to women’s sexuality from a closed and then published it on social media.

The disclosure of her details caused her to threatened with rape and murder.

She also recommended that Saba open her eyes to others.

Saba Qamar's

Before the media release, a representative of the Cheekh star announced that she is indeed getting married! “Yes, I’ve found the guy I want to end up with,” she declared. “If all things work out, I shall be getting married soon.”

For the time, she is fascinated with lust, besides that, the gentleman under her photo excitedly confirmed that he was indeed the Khan that she had referred to.

Saba Qamar's

Khan is an Australian/Pakistani entrepreneur who has gained substantial wealth in the hospitality and tourism industry. He is originally from Karachi but works in Sydney. Concisely, Saba Qamar’s preferred to remain silent about the wedding dates and refused to say any further details.

Saba Qamar's

Later that day, Mr Khan posted a video to his Instagram, explaining his side of the storey. For the last two days, my sincerest gratitude is for the enormous amount of love and support you have shown me. He replied to them, So some words were spoken, and I wanted to point out a finger, so here goes a video.

It doesn’t make sense to spread rumours about things that aren’t true.” You’re ruining someone’s life for personal gain. We plan to focus on marriage and children. She held her head up high and said with contempt, “They should be ashamed of themselves,”

He went on to say, “As for his or her family’s background, he or she doesn’t care for mine.” It’s important to us that we continue to protect our role in the long term. People will decide what they want. It’s all for nought; you’re putting in a lot of work, and it will gain no results. I trust that people will grasp what I mean and ignore the inaccurate information.

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