The Makkah Area has Announced the Resumption of Iftar Sayim Permits


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The Makkah

RIYADH: The Makkah area has announced the resumption of Iftar Sayim permits. Muslim worshippers in the Makkah area will soon be able to resume one of the holy month’s most important acts of kindness, in keeping with the spirit of giving and unity.

The Makkah Water and Relief Committee announced the continuance of licenses for the Iftar Sayim initiative. After the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic temporarily halted the application process. Iftar Sayim is the charitable tradition of offering meals to fasting Muslims to help them break their fast. Owners and families of the restaurants give meals, typically including dates, a drink, a hot dish and then distributed to mosques. During Ramadan, mosques throughout the Kingdom engage in the ritual, but the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah are typically the most concentrated efforts.

At these places, no Ramadan visitor needs to be worried about whether or not they will be able to eat. When the Maghrib call to prayer is heard. Dedicated staff lay down plastic coverings on the mosque’s boards, and ample food is set out to serve all faiths. Dates — the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) prescribed first food. Laban, water, and a hot meal, usually consisting of rice and meat. Are all delivered for free by the holders of these highly sought-after permits, which are donated to the mosque? Although the pandemic briefly stopped these measures. Those interested in assisting those in need can now apply for permits to assist them.


To reduce the risk of contamination, goods approved for sale I will limit this year to dry foods or pre-packaged items. Those who wish to distribute hot meals will continue to do so in Makkah’s residential neighborhoods. Interested parties can also apply to distribute food baskets to Makkah’s underprivileged families via the official website, Which will provide enough provisions to last the entire month.

The Makkah

“For everybody, last Ramadan really challenging because we felt saddened by the opportunity to help our community and welcome Holy Mosque guests. We were aware of the failure of the chance,” he said. “Iftar is very special to us and we saw it as something that we had removed from the pandemic.”

The Makkah area one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 24-hour lockdowns imposed far earlier than the rest of the Kingdom. And restrictions lifted only after the situation had settled down in other parts of the country.

“We look forward to the most our role in this year and sincerely hope that. The Holy Mosque will accept more of the faithful in Ramadan”, said Al-Dosari. “I assume that the images of the mosque shook a lot of Muslims at the height of the pandemic last year,” he said. We pray that this year’s mosque will again completed and that Allah will guard His pilgrims.”


Residents of the Makkah region are the only ones who can apply for the permits right now, but residents from other parts of the country are hoping that their regions will soon allow them to apply as well. Sheik Yasin Kabli, a long-time resident of Madinah and owner of several kitchens. Told Arab News that he had been distributing food for over 20 years at Prophet Mosque’s Mawaed Al-Rahman. And “faced no financial difficulties supplying people with free food”. “We will deliver over 500 meals a day from the beginning of Ramadan to the end.

Some people may believe this is a competition between the kitchens of the city, but it is our duty and honor”. He said, “Although I had withdrawn from the business and given it to my grandchildren and nephews. I still went to sit among the thousands in existence. Last year it was hard not to break my pace at the mosque”. The 78-year-old says he never missed Ramadan in Madinah except for his years as a scholarship recipient in Cairo. He has always kept the tradition alive through his family members.

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