Coke Studio 2021: Xulfi Jabbar Acquires Control & Pakistanis Speak Out

It is now official! Xulfi is set to take over Coke Studio, and the Internet is abuzz with anticipation.


Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan is a musician, songwriter, and producer. He is also referred to as Xulfi; consider it a stage name! He is slated to assume control of Coke Studio projects later this year. Xulfi is also someone who has established himself in the music industry. He’s had the privilege of creating some absolute treasures, beginning with Vital Signs. Beyond that, his most notable accomplishments include the enduringly popular Nescafe Basement and Battle of the Bands.

What Has Happened To The Confirmation?

When Coke Studio’s official account tagged Xulfi and said “Shuru Karain,” everyone was perplexed. Xulfi responded to that tweet with a happy face, but even that does not reveal anything.

It all became clear as Xulfi declared this on his Instagram with his post. He will officially join Coke Studio’s 14th season in the starring role. Everyone was taken aback, excited, and delighted, among other emotions.

Who Was The Forerunner?

Rohail Hyatt, the Vital Signs guru who oversaw the music franchise’s development, has decided to step down this year.

Hyatt founded Coke Studio in 2008 and ran it for six seasons. Following that, he handed over to Strings, who directed Coke Studio from season six through ten. Later that year, the 54-year-old Hyatt returned to the show, and it is only now that he is retiring. Hyatt was also a founder of the legendary band Vital Signs, which featured Junaid Jamshed on vocals.

What Do Internet Users Think?

The response section to the official tweet hinting at Xulfi’s takeover is both amusing and touching. Apart from Altaf Hussain’s memes, there have been numerous congrats and well-wishes for the new Coke Studio head. People are eagerly awaiting fantastic music right now.

Hyatt also stated publicly that the renowned musician Xulfi would serve as a stand-in for the show.

In March 2021, this was concluded or instead hinted at. This was when Hyatt resigned as producer of Coke Studio, and a follower asked him who should produce the following season. Hyatt responded that it should be taken over by someone who is “ecstatic” about the prospect. Then he casually mentioned Xulfi as a possible substitute.

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