Minal and Ahsan “Champagne” Party Initiates Another Controversy

"sunday plus", Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin's "Champagne" Party Initiates Another Controversy

Ahsan Mosin was seen celebrating with Champagne in a recent viral video from the post-engagement celebration. Alternatively, was it Champagne?

We have seen Minal Khan at three events thus far: the baat pakki event, the engagement, and the post-engagement party. While the first two were somewhat uncontroversial, the final one set a new record. The guests and the primary couple were dressed in black for the retro vintage-themed post-engagement celebration.

Post-Engagement Celebration

"sunday plus", Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin's "Champagne" Party Initiates Another Controversy

In a viral video, we can see the pair sitting together with Ashan shaking what appears to be a champagne bottle. Naturally, we should keep in mind that there are various non-alcoholic beverages with a similar structure. As a result, we desired to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, the first notion that comes to mind when viewing this type of action involves booze, courtesy of Bollywood.

Ahsan Mohsin’s Detractors

Netizens took to Instagram to criticize Ahsan Mohsin for celebrating with what they imagined was Champagne. They did not attempt to conceal their criticisms of Minal and Ahsan. One troll made an amusing remark on the celebs’ anticipated response. “It wasn’t Champagne. It was kachi lassi,” was the response.

To summarise, netizens have already determined that this was an alcoholic beverage. And, because it was Champagne, they deemed it un-Islamic. Given the magnitude of the debate that has erupted following their engagement, one can only speculate on the number of disputes that will ensue till their valima celebration.

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