Alizeh Shah astounds audiences with her performance of Billie Eilish’s Lost Cause: Watch

"sunday plus", Alizeh Shah astounds audiences with her performance of Billie Eilish's Lost Cause: Watch

Alizeh Shah grooved to Billie Eilish’s new tune ‘Lost Cause’ on a beach, leaving people speechless. The twenty-year-old Hollywood diva wowed fans with her hot beach video, which depicted her cheerful attitude.

Billie Eilish’s new track ‘Lost Cause’ was chosen as the background music for her video. The endearing actress – a social media queen – was mesmerising fans in the clip with her vibes. In a blue blouse and matching slacks, she looked out of this planet.

Alizeh, who has won hearts with her outstanding acting abilities, published the video to her Instagram page, which quickly gained thousands of likes. With her photographs and videos, the multifaceted actress keeps her fans on their toes. She chose Billie Eilish’s song as the background music for her most recent post.

Billie’s latest music video, ‘Lost Cause,’ debuted on June 2nd and has already racked up over 45 million views on YouTube. However, the musician has faced reaction from Twitter users. Alizeh Shah’s latest video drew acclaim from her fans and followers, who went to the comments section to express how confident and stunning she looked as always.

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