Gaza refused to let us turn a blind eye that year-Reflections On 2023


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This year saw the intersection of culture, “politics,” and humanity, which caused the globe to reexamine many of its long-held views.

Every year at the conclusion, we write tales that summarize the exciting, humorous, and hilarious things that occurred over the year. When we got down to review 2023 this year, there was only one thing on our minds: Gaza.

We feel it is appropriate to discuss how profoundly the Palestinian resistance and attacks on Gaza affected us and the rest of the world, since they have so totally eclipsed all other discussions and news.

How can we assist, who is speaking up and who isn’t, and why certain lives are more important than others? Whether or not they will call a spade a spade is a factor that has caused us to see the rise and fall of adored superstars.

Not even Pakistani superstars were exempt from criticism for their lack of vocalization. Social media was replete with the same obvious message: speak out or leave. This helped us realize the worth of our unique voices, which was something we had never fully appreciated before.

People with lesser followings could no longer get away with being silent; instead, everyone, regardless of social standing or position, was expected to post about Gaza and speak out in favor of Palestinians. Pakistan continues to see a robust boycott of goods and services associated with Israel; influencers and celebrities are not the only ones targeted for their support of McDonald’s or Starbucks.

The public increasingly views liking Kim Kardashian photos or wearing Zara as supporting Israel, and they hold not just celebrities but also their friends and family members responsible.

Taylor Swift has not been spared for turning a blind eye to the carnage in Gaza; silence is now considered involvement. We won’t even discuss Selena Gomez’s performance after attempting to maintain her objectivity. Ultimately, everyone is attempting to convey that when it comes to violence and murder, there is no such thing as neutrality—to remain silent and neutral is to support the murderers.

There have been so many events that it is nearly hard to recall that the current wave of strikes on Gaza started after October 7 and that our memories of the ten months leading up to October 7 have completely vanished. We’ve received education on what it means to be a Palestinian and the significance of raising awareness of the issue by amplifying the voices of people who have experienced or are currently experiencing the violence.

We would contend that Gaza is not a “political issue,” notwithstanding the opinions of some. It is absurd to attempt to separate “politics,” “society,” and “culture” since they are so intricately entwined. Your political and social views greatly influence who you are and the culture you belong to. Culture is about people and the discussions they have; it’s not only about movies and fancy clothes worn by celebrities. As with many of our global counterparts, we would be doing our readers and ourselves as a newspaper a major disservice if we were to hide our heads in the sand.

We hope that 2024 brings in a more tranquil period for everyone and that the violence and destruction of 2023 be forgotten as we approach a new year.

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