‘I Am Not A Plastic Doll’ – Kriti Sanon Addresses Criticism Over Her Physical Appearance In Bollywood


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"sunday plus" 'I Am Not A Plastic Doll' – Kriti Sanon Addresses Criticism Over Her Physical Appearance In Bollywood

Bollywood appears to be a vibrant and attractive environment. However, not everyone is aware of the artist’s inner world and dark side.

There have been numerous occasions and circumstances in which artists have shared their harrowing stories of harassment and unreasonable expectations that left them depressed.

Among those artists, one of Bollywood’s most talented actors created a sad drama that made her uneasy. “Kriti Sanon” revealed the beauty details and standards that the Bollywood industry requires.

Even in the modern era, similar events occur and create a desire for a certain girl. Kriti Senon revealed that she has been subjected to body shaming and harsh criticism due to her appearance.

Kriti Sanon has been subjected to body shaming in the Bollywood business.

"sunday plus" 'I Am Not A Plastic Doll' – Kriti Sanon Addresses Criticism Over Her Physical Appearance In Bollywood

In a recent interview, Mimmi actress described her storey of being physically abused by artistsOneembers of the Bollywood industry. These individuals contributed to her insecurity over her nose, gummy grin, and lips.

During the early stages of her career, she was advised to make her lips somewhat larger during filming. After doing it once, she dismissed it with the remark, “that makes no sense at all.” “She is not a plastic doll,” she even claimed.

She continued to clarify and provide some light on this tumultuous subject. “I’ve also been told that when I grin, my nostrils flare somewhat. As a result, there will undoubtedly be condemnation from all quarters. THEY OCCASIONALLY DO AS WELL when I smile or laugh, which is quite normal. I am not a toy.”

She has always been outspoken in her efforts to silence the detractors once and for all. “People have told me that you have a gummy smile,” she revealed. I was born with it and had no control over it. These are the minor details that people do not expect you to change but will nonetheless point out.”

Kriti Sanon had a fantastic experience in Bollywood, delivering several standout performances, particularly in Mimi. She also took part in T10 League, where she photographed numerous Pakistani artists.

She also highlighted how Instagram filters and other app features had among those artistsOne eroded the dignity of beauty standards.

“Someone told me it’s not the same pressure now,” Kriti explained, “but I believe the pressure is increasing with all these Instagram filters and everything else that’s coming; everyone wants to be perfect all the time.” I’ve been there, I’ve heard things, and my suggestion would be to avoid listening to everyone.

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