Faysal Quraishi Is Being Accused Of Creating Trauma In His Son By Exposing Him To A Violent Scene In A Drama


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"sunday plus", Faysal Quraishi Is Being Accused Of Creating Trauma In His Son By Exposing Him To A Violent Scene In A Drama

In a video released by actor Faysal Quraishi, his son Farmaan responds to a scene from his drama Dil-e-Momin in which he is beaten up, eliciting conflicting responses on social media. While some thought it was amusing and adorable, others disagreed.

Quraishi released a footage from a recent episode of Dil-e-Momin in which Gohar Rasheed takes a swipe at Quraishi for allegedly tormenting his student.

Quraishi was assaulted and choked in the scene, and his son began to weep in response. Numerous people commented on his article, warning him that this occurrence could traumatise his youngster.

Consider the following video:

Faryal Mehmood, Sami Khan, and Nida Yasir all commented on the post, praising the child’s “adorable” and “sweet” reply.

Others congratulated him in the comment area and found the video amusing; however, several commenters felt the video was inappropriate.

Numerous fans and followers expressed concern that the boy might be traumatized by witnessing his father getting beaten up on-screen. Naturally, such a small child would have difficulty comprehending that the violence was staged.

Inappropriate for the child’s age and distressing

Many others stated that the child’s expression was not amusing – he appeared genuine in his fear. They were adamant that youngsters should not be forced to witness scenes that are not acceptable for their age. “These images should be avoided in front of children. The poor child is terrified,” one commenter commented.

Another emphasized that “children at this age are extremely sensitive. We have no idea how their brain processes such information.”

While a toddler responding so seriously to a false object may appear sweet on the surface, it contains improper content. For any little youngster, witnessing a fight would have been distressing. On the other hand, Farman would have been very distressed to witness his father being assaulted.

"sunday plus", Faysal Quraishi Is Being Accused Of Creating Trauma In His Son By Exposing Him To A Violent Scene In A Drama

on It is critical to remember that children view things differently and with a greater degree of innocence than adults do because we know that the things they see are blatantly artificial. Children may experience trauma as a result of something that makes adults laugh.

Quraishi recently discussed the problems women in showbiz face following the birth of their children and how this has compelled him to star in serials with significantly younger leading ladies. Earlier this year, the actor was involved in a horrific vehicle accident in Dubai.

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