India Faces Brutal Insults After French Television Exposes India’s: False News About Pakistan


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"sunday plus", India Faces Brutal Insults After French Television Exposes India's: False News About Pakistan

Indian media is obviously adept at seasoning and cooking up news. A French state-owned television has disproved Indian media’s erroneous assertions about the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) involvement in Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley.

A recent humiliation for India came from French television’s fact-checking section, which exposed Indian propaganda against Pakistan and condemned it for “peddling fake news.”

According to France 24’s James Creedon, Indian reportage is “rife with falsehoods” and engages in “absolutely heinous behavior” as India’s puppet media go bananas over the Afghanistan situation.

Two of the fake events were exposed by French television. The first concerned a Pakistani jet that was’shot down’ in the war-torn country by Northern forces, according to India Today and Aaj Tak. The other involved fabricated pictures ostensibly depicting battle between resistance fighters in Afghanistan’s now-destroyed valley.

Indian news organizations Republic World, TV9 Bharatvansh, and Zee Hindustan ostensibly alleged Pakistani Air Force involvement, but the pictures were lifted from Arma-3, a multi-role combat video game. “You’re fooling me,” the second host of the fact-checking program said. Is it a video game? And this is being carried as a news story by a news organization?” He later addressed the camera, saying, “Glory be… That’s a bit of a blunder”.

Additionally, the French media found that this is not the first time that Indian news organizations have exploited video game footage to depict real-world events. “Absolutely appalling,” he added, adding that these individuals are giving journalists a bad name.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry also uploaded a video clip of the French television report.

On Monday, false rumors of Pakistan’s military involvement in Afghanistan spread as the Taliban claimed to have won Panjshir province north of Kabul, the last bastion of anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan and the only province the Taliban had not yet taken.

According to Indian news media, footage showed Pakistani drones attacking anti-Taliban fighters in Panjshir. The viral clip, on the other hand, was taken from a lengthy video recording of the video game Arma-3. According to fact-checking website Boom, it was not from the Afghanistan conflict.

Prior to that, another fabricated photograph of a US troop arriving in Islamabad went viral. According to the manipulated image, the US forces were staying at a “panahgah” [shelter home]. Interestingly, that photo was first published in 2013 by the Stars and Stripes.

The Indian media is well-known for falsifying stories and humiliating itself, and this recent French television exposé only served to exacerbate the problem.

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