Why Season 5 of Money Heist has Cancelled [SPOILER]


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"sunday plus", Why Season 5 of Money Heist has Cancelled [SPOILER]

The finale of Netflix’s Money Heist Season 5, or La Casa de Papel, killed off a significant character for various reasons.

Money Heist Season 5, part 1 finale shockingly killed off a significant character for various reasons. Tokyo (Ursula Corberó) is the narrator of Money Heist, recruited in the show’s premiere by the Professor (lvaro Morte). Tokyo is a character who does things her way and isn’t afraid to stir the pot throughout Money Heist. It is precisely for this reason that the Professor recruited her to his team in the first place. As they watch news coverage of one of her previous heists, Berlin (Pedro Alonso) petitions the Professor to recruit rsula Corberó’s character in a flashback during season 5, episode 5. Berlin describes herself as a “survivor.” She is “unique” among thieves, he claims, and “she has nothing to lose.”

Money Heist Season 5’s first episode introduced a slew of twists and questions. Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) apprehends the Professor in the first instalment but later releases him to deliver her baby. In part two, her allegiance to the gang or the government will be called into question. Berlin’s secret son Rafael was introduced in part one of the final season (Patrick Criado). With numerous flashbacks delving into Rafael and Berlin’s past, the character may play a significant role in the concluding episodes.

"sunday plus", Why Season 5 of Money Heist has Cancelled [SPOILER]

In episode 5 of Money Heist’s final season, the show appears to kill off Tokyo. Gandia (José Manuel Poga) and his henchmen are closing in on Tokyo, Denver (Jaime Lorente), and Manila (Belén Cuesta) in this episode. The only way out of this situation is via dumbwaiter, but Tokyo is too badly injured to escape. She eventually sacrifices to assist the others, taking numerous bullets as the army closes in. Then, when Gandia gets close enough, Tokyo reveals that she pulled the pins on grenades on her chest, resulting in a massive explosion that appears to kill her and several other enemies.

Money Heist spent the entire season setting up Tokyo’s demise. Tokyo explains to Lisbon (Itziar Ituo) in the season 5 premiere that love is accelerated in heists because every moment could be someone’s last. This is a foreboding statement. Then, throughout the season, flashbacks reveal more about Tokyo’s Money Heist past, including how she lost the love of her life during a heist. Episode 5 ramps up the Tokyo flashbacks, even more revealing the fateful theft that killed her former love and implying that her time on the show is drawing to a close. Indeed, Tokyo admits that it has reached the end of the line at the start of the episode. Despite her impending doom, she makes it abundantly clear that she will never “drop her gun” and make life easy for her adversaries.

In the show, Tokyo’s demise serves as her redemption. Tokyo has been one of the most divisive characters throughout Money Heist. She is frequently self-centred and unreliable, prioritizing her desires and needs over others regardless of the consequences. In season 3, she even abandons Rio (Miguel Herrán) on an island to live her life, which results in Rio being apprehended and tortured by law enforcement after attempting to contact her. Tokyo redeems herself, however, by sacrificing herself for the gang. And it may not be the final chapter. With dead Money Heist characters reappearing in flashback scenes, Tokyo’s demise may be a way to redeem the character while keeping her on the show.

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