Falak Shabbir’s New Song “Lagay Pyari” Takes His Wife, Sarah To New Heights Of Love


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"sunday plus", Falak Shabbir's New Single "Lagay Pyari" Takes His Wife, Sarah To New Heights Of Love

Falak Shabbir, a prominent singer and songwriter from Lahore, has released another music video for his current “Lagay Pyari” on Massive Mix Records’ YouTube site.

Falak’s latest video features his wife Sarah Khan, a well-known celebrity in Pakistan’s television industry. The video features excellent themes of action thriller and romance interwoven melodiously with the groovy sounds of Falak’s captivating lyrics, enticing the audience from the start.

This epic dance routine opens with Falak heroically arriving at what appears to be a battlefield. From his eye-catching attire to his Harley Davidson.

"sunday plus", Falak Shabbir's New Single "Lagay Pyari" Takes His Wife, Sarah To New Heights Of Love

When he comes, the video immediately captures the audience’s attention with its dreamy impact, giving the audience the sense that it’s all happening in the singer’s mind, much like a heroic fighter facing his adversaries in the hope of seeing his girlfriend at the end.

The video quickly picks up the pace and transforms into an action-packed romantic thriller in which the hero rescues his lover from his adversary’s hands.

Occasionally, we catch glimpses of Sarah Khan, bound to a chair and on the lookout for her saviour, who has pledged to keep her safe and shielded from her foes.

The riveting visuals are accompanied by romantic Punjabi lyrics interwoven with military slang, comparing the beloved’s power to Grenade, Sniper, and Fire.

A singular way of portraying the powerful hit of your lover’s charm that engulfs you from all sides, much as the force of action that engulfs you on a battlefield.

Notable lyrics include the following: “Saari raat mei karta hun tera intezar sajni, Sniper lagti hai teri nazar ki ye takni…” “Jab daayen baayen say yun meray guzar k jaati hai, kyun pyar bhari ankhiyon say Grenade girati hai”

With dynamic camera work, new angles, and excellent action choreography, the fast-paced action sequence culminates in Falak Shabbir, ultimately saving Sarah Khan. She swings a saucepan at the thug hiding behind her beloved.

Overall, “Lagay Pyari” is a groovy track with a mix of trap and hip-hop sounds, making it a dance floor banger.

The video’s underlying concept appears to be a celebration of love between two people. Still, the on-ground action injects a good amount of thrill to pique the interest of the action enthusiast in all of us.

Additionally! The project “Lagay Pyari” also appears to be Falak’s passionate tribute to his wife for valiantly enduring eight months of pregnancy while confronting a slew of problems.

Sarah appears wonderfully at ease in the video, supporting Falak’s faith in her capacity to tackle challenging tasks with admirable elegance and calm.

“I have no words to explain how enormously pleased I am of Sarah for taking on the tough task of making a video with me in her eighth month of pregnancy, which I’m sure is a huge accomplishment for any lady in this condition.”

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