Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance


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"sunday plus", Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance

Certain women are excessively concerned with their appearance. However, this is frequently because men are concerned with a woman’s beauty.

There is a good chance that a man values a woman’s beauty more than her intellect. No wonder women are so particular about their appearance. A variety of factors determines a woman’s beauty. Here are a few examples.

Believe it or not, hair roots.

"sunday plus", Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance

Leave aside their hair colour; would you believe that women are concerned with their hair roots? Consider a woman who dyes her hair but leaves some natural hair colour at the root. As a result, other women who have dyed their hair perfectly look on with disdain. However, the good news is that men would regard this blunder as trivial. A man is unlikely to examine a woman’s roots to determine whether she is beautiful or not. For a man, if she appears to be beautiful, she most certainly is.


Shaving – A defining feature of beauty

"sunday plus", Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance

Whether or not to use the hair remover on the private parts is a personal choice. Some women choose to trim it, while others completely shave it. Others adore a bush down there. Shaving hair from other areas of the body, on the other hand, is considered hygienic and also a necessary component of beauty. Hair on the arms or legs is a strict no-no for a woman. Men will always avoid women who wear hair in places where they are not supposed to wear it unless they have an odd fascination with hairy women.

Fingers and toes

"sunday plus", Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance

Do men truly appreciate a woman’s manicured hands and pedicured feet? While this may be debatable, a woman certainly believes it. They maintain their appearance through regular manicures and pedicure sessions. Certain women may assert that they do so for hygienic reasons rather than purely aesthetic ones. The reality may lie in the middle somewhere. However, it is not entirely untrue that most men prefer women with neatly manicured nails. While some men may find bright nail polish attractive, very few men will notice a woman’s pedicure and manicure details.

Extensive research has been conducted on stretch marks and the anti-cellulite campaign.

"sunday plus", Women and Their Concern for Their Physical Appearance

Cellulite and stretch marks are unattractive in the extreme. As a result, women will go to great lengths to avoid them. If they already have stretch marks or cellulite, they want to minimise their appearance as quickly as possible. As a result, they employ a variety of creams, including anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite creams. Therefore, why do women fret over such “imperfections”? A man would adore a fit woman with a toned body. However, this does not mean that a woman with stretch marks or cellulite is unattractive to men.

There are numerous other aspects of beauty that may concern women. Not all women take this path, but quite a few do. It is a fact of life, and there is little that can be done about it. It’s critical to keep in mind that this is not a blanket statement about all women and men and their attitudes toward beauty.

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