Atiqa Odho Yasir Hussain lends support to Bushra Ansari following her age-shaming by trolls.


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Atiqa Odho and Yasir Hussain defend veteran actress Bushra Ansari following her age-shaming for dancing at a wedding ceremony. Bushra Ansari’s video clip from a recent wedding (of a Hum Tv family member) went viral, and people began mocking her for dancing and enjoying herself at her age and following the loss of her sister.

"sunday plus", Atiqa Odho Yasir Hussain lends support to Bushra Ansari following her age-shaming by trolls.

Bushra Ansari responded to social media trolls who questioned her age, saying, “I was in great agony for three months, and that loss will be in our hearts till the day we die.” It was a family dholki two days ago, and all my friends were there pleading with me to get away from the stress and grief. I stood for two minutes with my kid Azan to demonstrate my involvement in their happiness. It’s sad to see how others react as if they want to see us unhappy simply because we’re famous, and especially when someone reaches a certain age, how pitiful.”

She continued, ” I say that this is the ideal age to live when you complete all your duties and Alhamdullillah. I have accomplished so much in this age that I don’t regret having more than 60 years.” She added, “Stop using this cheap weapon of telling elders that you are old and have no right to be happy.” I’m not sure why small children are fearful of elderly people, and I’m not accountable to any faceless trolls because they never leave anyone, even while wearing hijab, so stop injuring people; it’s also against Islam.”

"sunday plus", Atiqa Odho Yasir Hussain lends support to Bushra Ansari following her age-shaming by trolls.

Yasir Hussain took to his own Instagram account to request that Bushra Ansari do whatever she pleased since we all have free will. He said that she is a legend in our country and should disregard any unpleasant comments or statements.

Atiqa Odho also shared a couple of stunning images of herself with Bushra Ansari, writing, “I stand by Bushra Ansari.” She is a national legend who has served our country admirably. Nobody has the authority to dictate how she should live or behave. She is not a criminal; thus, refrain from treating her as though she has violated any laws. It is not a crime to live life and bring joy to others; it is a service. Those who lack regard for their elders expose their inadequate upbringing. Bushra is a friend who continuously inspires us as performers with her brilliance, grace, and charm. Faceless and anonymous individuals should be ashamed for insulting an industry #Icon in such a pitiful manner. Develop some maturity! Keep smiling, Bushra Ansari; we are always here for you.”

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