Alizeh Shah replies to being criticized as a ‘difficult’ co-star.

"Sunday plus", Alizeh Shah replies to being criticized as a 'difficult' co-star.

Alizeh Shah, a Pakistani actress, recently spoke out to co-star Yasir Nawaz to collaborate on a drama series with her. Yasir had a difficult time working with Alizeh from Mera Dil Mera Dushman. It had become a strain to complete the show’s shooting.

The star of Ehd-e-Wafa has now aired her thoughts on the matter in a recent interview with Ali Safina.

“I feel that everyone is unique. Each individual has their their method of interacting with others. For instance, we, like our family, do not get along with everyone. Similarly, our theatrical settings are similar to families,” she explained, adding, “We may disagree with our father or mother.” We are not always in agreement. One should anticipate the same behavior from others as they exhibit. I will not remain silent if you misbehave toward me. I’ll contact you.”

Nida Yasir, the morning show host, previously discussed their experiences in the entertainment industry on Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

Numerous people have taken offense at one of Yasir’s statements about working with Alizeh Shah. Yasir stated in the interview above that he is unwilling to act again, claiming that the experience was unpleasant for him. “Acting irritated me slightly. Numerous factors contributed to this. It simply wasn’t my cup of tea. It was so heinous that I constantly regretted my decision to pursue acting.”

Nida continued by describing the difficulties Yasir has encountered in the past with co-stars. “Yasir encountered various difficulties when working as an actor alongside Alizeh Shah. Even though Yasir gets along with everyone, there was insufficient synergy. However, as a director, no one has ever bothered him,” she revealed. “You have to be selective about who you work with,” she observed later. You should conduct due diligence on the individuals with whom you will be collaborating.”

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