Fashion Tips to Keep You Looking Stylish at All Times


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Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips for styling every look in your closet, you’ll gain confidence in your style.

Make the most of your Wardrobe

Make sure you have the following wardrobe essentials: a classic little black dress, a pair of well-fitting jeans, a classic blazer, simple T-shirts and button-downs in neutral colors, and an easy leather jacket (or denim jacket). The key to looking put-together is to invest in a capsule collection of mix-and-match basics (and learn how to style them). Fashion Tips

Check to see if your clothes are a perfect fit

Hiring a good tailor is one way to make any piece of clothing look amazing. Tailored clothing not only looks good, but it also makes you feel good. You won’t feel stylish in pants that drag on the ground or dress that bunch up awkwardly. If your capsule wardrobe fits you well, you can begin to experiment with over-and under-sized items in a stylish, not sloppy manner.

Learn how to keep proportions in check

It’s all about styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony when balancing proportions. Wearing clothes that are tailored to your body shape is one way to achieve this. Make a fashion statement by keeping the rest of your outfit fitted when you want to experiment with oversized or unusual conditions. Pair a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants, for example. Fashion Tips

Discover your style

It can take years to develop a signature style, but you can start making a mood board. Remember that personal style is an experiment you never know what unique looks you’ll find in the dressing room until you’re there. The terms “menswear” and “womenswear” should not used to determine how you shop. Take some time to experiment with different colors and shapes but to see what looks best on your particular body.

Fashion Tips

Improve your shopping skills

Learning how to shop for precisely what you want will help you avoid overstocking your closet with items you’ll never use. When you have a wardrobe full of things you love, putting together an outfit becomes second nature.

Add a belt to the look

One of the simplest ways to make any outfit look more put-together is to add a belt. It’s also a great way to bring balance to an otherwise unbalanced look, such as a long cashmere sweater and a billowy midi skirt.

Use color to your advantage

Start with one colourful piece and keep the rest of your outfit neutral if you’re afraid of adding colour to your outfit. You’ll learn which colour combinations work best for your style as you become more comfortable with colours. For ideas, but a look at a colour wheel.

Patterns and textures should be mixed

The days of matching your handbag and shoes long gone. A bold fashion statement made with clashing textures and prints. Start with simple patterns like stripes and low-key textures like leather and knits. Then gradually add sequins and paisleys in small doses until you choose what is best for you.

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