Zainab Qayyum Discusses Her Divorce Ten Months After Marriage

"sunday plus", Zainab Qayyum Discusses Her Divorce Ten Months After Marriage

Zainab Qayyum, a.k.a. ZQ, was recently featured in an exclusive interview in which she recounted her life story through marriage and divorce and her transformation from supermodel to television actor. Let us get into the specifics.

Qayyum opened up to Something Haute about her decision to transition from modeling to acting. After working for a good 15-20 years, the performer revealed that she soon recognized that a sizable portion of the audience was focused on her physique rather than her clothes. Soon after coming to terms with the revelation, the Yeh Zindagi Hai actor ended her modeling profession, which began at a young age.

When asked about her decision to marry, she stated, “I just married because I felt it was time.” All of her friends’ children were growing up around her. She believed the time had come for her children and family. However, it was over in less than ten months.

“All I wanted was to marry and start a family. I was a senior in high school. I married shortly after the proposal. It was a light-hearted approach. After that, we relocated to Dubai and subsequently to London. However, it stopped after ten months,” Qayyum explained. “He ended the relationship when he realised there was no compatibility.”

"sunday plus", Zainab Qayyum Discusses Her Divorce Ten Months After Marriage

I was saddened, but more so for the label of divorcee and the shame attached to having accomplished so much in life except in that area,” she added. “It appears as though you’ve failed at something.” The actor from Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi continues by stating that divorce should not be considered taboo. “I am relieved that he called it off because I did everything for him and therefore bear no shame or responsibility.”

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