Would you try this Expensive 23 Carat ‘Gold Biryani’ Rs43000 only?

"Gold Biryani", Would you try this Expensive 23 Carat 'Gold Biryani' Rs43000 only?

One of Karachi’s best, most popular dishes is Biryani. The national dish is Karachi’s specialty, and no other biryani in the city comes close to the deliciousness cooked and served here. But Dubai’s restaurant was only far too overboard with its Biryani, it’s jaw-dropping, to be frank!

This Biryani, supposedly the most expensive one of its kind, served in the Bombay district of Dubai, would not offer you the opportunity to complain, as it is served in gold.

The Royal Gold Biryani’s name is nothing short. It is served with 23 karats of consumable gold and is royally expensive at approximately AED 1,000 or Rs43,275.

Just imagine paying such a large amount and not saying, “What are you serving? Golden?!” But what are they serving?

A large golden ‘taal [platter]’ is served with the Royal Gold Biryani. You can choose between the type of Rice you want, Biryani Rice, Keema Rice, and White and Safran Rice, weighing approximately 3kg alone. Also, Rice is served with baby potatoes, boiled eggs, rost, grenade, fried onions, and mint.

The bed of Rice infused with saffron is offered with grilled meat. Old Delhi Lamb Chop It includes Cashmiri Lamb Seekh Kebab, Rajput Chicken Kebab, Malai Chicken Roast,  and Mughlai Kofta.The range includes a variety of sauces and curries, including Nihari Salan, Jodhpuri Salan, Badami sauce, almond, and Raita grenades.

Once everything enters the plate, it is topped with edible gold. You heard that right, yeah, edible gold!

Well, Biryani is without doubt one of Pakistan’s most famous dishes and everybody’s favorite. True, we don’t mind paying a little extra for delicious foods. However, the real question is how far you can go to pay for an excellent biryani dish? Would you like to pay a considerable amount of Rs43,275?

We are not sure, but this Dubai restaurant indeed expects its customers to pay this price for their biryani food that they claim to be ‘the most expensive Biryani in Dubai.’

One can certainly recognize that Biryani is the best invention in this subcontinent.

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