When his wife was giving birth to their first child, a Karachi man died of electrocution in the rain.

On Thursday, an electrocuted man was discovered in Karachi, where monsoon rains had wreaked havoc on the city’s civic and K-Electric systems. People were trapped in traffic due to flooded roads and streets, and there were hours-long power outages.

A young man was electrocuted in the Hussainabad area. The deceased’s body was discovered floating in rainwater alongside his motorcycle.

The incident was described in a video by Syed Zafar Abbas, General Secretary of Jafaria Disaster Cell (JDC). Raheel, a resident of Hussainabad, was identified as the dead man. He was reportedly going to the hospital to bring his child into birth.

Unfortunately, the soon-to-be father died of electrocution on Hussainabad’s main food street. “Exactly ten minutes after he died, his child was born, and his pregnant wife was admitted to the hospital across the lane,” Abbas explains in his video.

According to resources he worked at a shop in karimabad and earned only 15000 PKR. “He was on his way to the hospital to see his wife, as only an hour remained in the birth of his child. However, he was unable to contact his wife or child while he lay dead here. “How did he perish?”

This is the location of the incident.

The social activist has requested an investigation into the matter from Pakistan’s current Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Army Chief, and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

On Monday, another death was reported in Karachi. A 12-year-old boy was killed in a rain-related incident in the Al-Falah Society, police said. According to Area SHO Rashid Din, the boy rode a bicycle when he became trapped in rainwater near Malir Halt.

He attempted to cross the water by clinging to an electric pole. Regrettably, he died as a result of an electric shock.

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