Daughter Exposes Father’s Murder of Qurat-Ul-Ain – Umer’s Video & Photographs With Women Go Viral

"sunday plus", Daughter Exposes Father's Murder of Qurat-Ul-Ain – Umer's Video & Photographs With Women Go Viral

Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, a mother of four, was reported to have been murdered following brutal torture by her husband Umer Khalid Memon. The incident occurred on Thursday in Hyderabad’s Barrage Colony. At the same time, the daughter reveals her father’s involvement in the assassination of Qurat-ul-Ain, videos and images of him with another woman surfaced.

He allegedly tortured her for hours until she passed out following a blow to the head from her husband. The poor woman was then strangled to death by him. She died on the spot around 3 or 4 a.m., and her husband went to drink in the car. Their eldest child is nine years old, while their youngest is only two.

When he returned, he changed her and his clothes to conceal the evidence. According to reports, he rushed her to the hospital at 6 a.m., where doctors pronounced her dead. The postmortem examination revealed bruises and blood on her body. Her nose bled continuously until the end, her neck swollen and her jawbone broken.

Among the victim’s four children, only the eldest was aware of her mother’s death. They were also struck by their father, according to sources. A video surfaced in which their daughter describes what she saw. The daughter reveals that her father murdered her mother, Qurat-ul-Ain.

Umar Memon was arrested on Friday for the murder of his wife, following a First Information Report filed by the victim’s brother (FIR). Asadullah Buledi, the deceased’s brother, had filed an FIR at the Baldia Police Station alleging that the accused had been torturing his sister. Additionally, the brother stated that they had discussed the matter with his father several times, but he took no action.

Due to the accused’s prominent family background, the police initially refused to file charges against him. The police have reportedly transferred the body to a local hospital for medico-legal examinations and arrested the accused for murder.

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