In Lahore, a mechanic has been arrested for torturing a child worker.

Shahdara police detained a motorcycle mechanic on Tuesday after video footage of him torturing a child employee at his workshop went popular on social media.

"sunday plus", In Lahore, a mechanic has been arrested for torturing a child worker.

The clip, shot on a customer’s phone, sparked outrage among viewers when it revealed the 40-year-old man viciously striking his eight-year-old employee, Ahsan, with a metal wire for being late.

The agonising footage shows the poor child crying in anguish and pleading with his employer for mercy, but to no avail.

The event occurred at Saqlain Autoshop in Shahdara, drawing harsh condemnation against the Punjab government for failing to end ‘forced child labour’ and workplace incidences of physical violence against minor children.

In his office, DIG Operations Sajid Kayani meets young Faizan, who went through torture. The child’s father, Abdul Rehman, was present. DIG Operations expresses solidarity with Faizan’s father and gives gifts. Children are our future; it’s time to read and write, not work. DIG operations Steps will also be taken for Faizan’s education. Sajid Kayani Those who abuse children will be punished. DIG Operations Parents should not put their children to hard work at an early age. DIG operations

Motorcycle mechanic brutally tortures 08-year-old Faizan for coming late to shop. An accused named Waqar has been arrested, and strict legal action will be taken against him. Action will be taken against the violators following the code of conduct. DIG Operations Report incidents of violence against civilian children to the police, fulfil the responsibility. Sajid Kayani’s appeal.

Great work done by SHO Shahdra Town Saddique bhutta.

"sunday plus", In Lahore, a mechanic has been arrested for torturing a child worker.

Upon knowing about the event, Capital City Saddique bhutta directed Shahdara police to apprehend the perpetrator. According to a police official, the police stormed the auto shop, arrested the mechanic, named Waqar, and filed a criminal complaint against him. He added that the CCPO met with the boy’s parents at his office and assured them of justice.

According to social media activists, Punjab has recently seen a substantial increase in forced child labour and abuse against youngsters left at the mercy of their employers. They called for a review of the child labour policy and applicable regulations to avert future tragedies.

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