WATCH: Firdous Ashiq Awan Slaps a PPP Member of Parliament During An Embarrassing Talk Show ‘Fight’

"sunday plus", WATCH: Firdous Ashiq Awan Slaps a PPP Member of Parliament During An Embarrassing Talk Show 'Fight'

A video featuring Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan and PPP Member of Parliament Qadir Khan Mandokhel has gone viral. The two may be seen in the viral footage criticizing one another on a television program.

The event occurred as anchor Javed Chaudhry was taping a chat show. The video depicts an altercation between Awan and Mandokhel, who recently won a Karachi by-election on the PPP’s platform. Mandokhel accused Awan of corruption during the show’s verbal war.

Both lawmakers opined that the other was corrupt during their heated debate until Awan lost control and slapped the MNA. Additionally, we heard the former information minister yelling expletives after striking Mandokhel, attempting to defend herself against further strikes.

View the video here!

Instantly, the tape went viral on the internet, and social media users criticized the special assistant’s conduct.

Later, in a tweet, Awan said Mandokhel used filthy language, which enraged her, and that the video only showed one side of the situation. She said that the PPP leader used vulgar words at her late father and toward her, prompting her to take drastic measures. Additionally, she requested that the television station disclose the entire tape.

Qadir Mandokhel of the PPP threatened me during the talk show. He used nasty remarks about my late father and me. I felt compelled to take drastic measures in my defense,” Awan tweeted alongside a video statement. She stated that we would initiate, following deliberation, legal action against Mandokhel.

Meanwhile, Javed Chaudhry, the host, is chastised for acting as a mute spectator during the battle. After the brawl video, some social media users posted memes criticizing Chaudhry before the camera appeared online.

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