Transgender people’ powerful images protesting a gang-rape group

A huge number of members of the transgender community and their allies demonstrated outside the Karachi Press Club in protest of a recent attack on their community by an accused gang-rape outfit called ‘Beelas.’

Additionally, the protesters decried what they referred to as Pakistan’s “Leela culture,” which dates back to the colonial era.

Dr. Muhammad Moiz, a transgender rights campaigner, organized the rally. He shared the images on social media alongside the community’s demands and needs in Pakistan.

“Assist us in deconstructing these systems and establishing a more just and equitable world for everyone by refusing to be silent bystanders when groups like the beela network inflict harm on our community,” Moiz stated alongside photos from the rally.

Following Friday’s demonstration, powerful and encouraging images have been circulating on social media:

"SUNDAY PLUS", Transgender people' powerful images protesting a gang-rape group

Moiz previously disclosed an incidence of organized violence perpetrated against him by the gang [Beela].

He explained in the video that on September 19, he and his friends attended a friend’s birthday event, which the gang-rape group already attended. [Beelas] sought to rape the contemporary ‘Monday (Khwaja sira/effeminate boys).

In a recent post, he proposed establishing a special committee to monitor Khwaja sira in Sindh and a separate helpline for Khwaja siras in an emergency.

“Police must be educated on beela behavior while also addressing internal police department difficulties that hinder the majority of Khwaja siras from filing FIRs,” he said in a caption.

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