A Lahore woman was sent to Rawalpindi for a job interview and raped while her husband and children waited outside.


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"sunday plus", A Lahore woman was sent to Rawalpindi for a job interview and raped while her husband and children waited outside.

A woman who had travelled from Lahore for a job was allegedly raped in the garrison city. According to reports, the victim is a mother of two.

According to the victim’s statement to Race Course police, she and her family were in a department shop when they were approached by a man handing out property promotional flyers.

She alerted her husband about the advertisement after obtaining a leaflet, and he later made contact with a man to learn more. The man requested that her husband travels to Rawalpindi to arrange for her to work on his project.

The mother then embarked on a journey to Rawalpindi with her husband and children. They arrived in Saddar and were greeted by a man in a black sedan. When they arrived in Saddar, the man requested that her spouse stays with his children. He informed the spouse that he would be leaving for an interview and would return shortly.

Taken in a hotel room

The woman stated in her statement that the man drove her to a hotel on Peshawar Road. He requested that she remain at the front desk until he contacted her for an interview. Despite her hesitation to enter the hotel room, she stated that she was escorted to one and asked to wait. The attacker then locked the door from the inside, sexually assaulted the victim, and left.

Her account explains how she shouted and attempted to apprehend him as he left, but he escaped. After conducting a medical assessment on the victim, Race Course police detained the culprit. He will appear in court for remand custody, the police said

Additionally, Asif has been recognized as the accused.

In a similar occurrence last year, a female from Islamabad went to a Karachi company on the recommendation of a friend in search of work but was harassed and raped at gunpoint. Later that day, the accused and her uncle went to the police station to complain against the accused. However, the police declined to take further action against the accused after registering a case against him due to his apparent influence.

Pakistan’s failure to safeguard women from abuse is very disheartening. Men trying to rape and citizens demanding justice never end. We must defend ourselves since males cannot protect us against a system they constructed for their security.

A first-year female college student in Karachi was abducted and allegedly gang-raped by barbaric youths earlier this year. What direction is our country taking ?

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