Nimra Khan’s Ex-Husband Goes Public, Declares Her A ‘Headache’

Nimra Khan, a well-known Pakistani actress, married last April. A year later, sources indicate, she confirmed that she had divorced her husband. As if to add fuel to the fire, comments made by Nimra Khan’s ex-husband have gone viral on social media. It appears as though he has lost his sense of decency and respect!

Nimra Khan’s Ex-Husband – Live Session

"sunday plus", Nimra Khan's Ex-Husband Goes Public, Declares Her A 'Headache'

Raja Azam, Nimra Khan’s ex-husband, recently streamed a live video on Instagram. The stream was an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end, and it reveals a lot about Khan’s ex-husband. First, Raja Azam spews hatred on his ex-wife in what appears to be a drunken stupor.

Nimra Khan-related inquiries began to pour in. The public was eager to learn whether the two were divorced or not. He casually stated, ” Yes, we have been divorced.”

Additionally, when asked “why” they divorced, his response was shocking. “Because I can, because I wanted it,” he stated.

Many would avoid sounding so arrogant and insensitive, but not Raja Azam. Additionally, he stated, “I enjoy divorce.” Perhaps this was not his maiden voyage.

The Outrageous Remarks

"sunday plus", Nimra Khan's Ex-Husband Goes Public, Declares Her A 'Headache'

Raja Azam also addressed additional questions regarding Nimra Khan. “Have you divorced Nimra, or have you been divorced by Nimra?” Somebody inquired. Somebody inquired. He replied, “I got her rid; she was pain. I got rid of her. “A real headaches.”

However, it appears that being a bull on social media, behind screens, is more accessible. A switch must have flipped inside Raja Azam’s brain.

After a few seconds of thought, he stated, “I would not describe her as a headache, but we were not compatible.” He did not respond to any subsequent questions about her. Rather than that, he asked those watching him on live television, “Who will come to meet me if I come to Pakistan?”

Suspicious Rumours

Nimra Khan’s rumored separation from her husband is not new. However, they began brewing this year in the early months. The actress’s fans began to suspect separation after she deleted all photos of her ex-husband from her social media accounts.

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