Faryal Mehmood Confirms Divorce Rumors With Daniyal Raheel?

"sunday plus", Faryal Mehmood Confirms Divorce Rumors With Daniyal Raheel?

Numerous rumors circulated earlier this year on social media about newlywed actors Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel divorcing. Several claimed they had broken up. However, it has been established that those were not mere rumors.

Following the confirmation of Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari’s divorce and his subsequent remarriage, rumors of other celebrity couples divorcing began to circulate on the Internet. The tittle-tattle became out of control following the alleged separation of Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed and a few other teams.

Social media users claimed last December that Mehmood and Raheal had unfollowed each other on Instagram. They parted ways. On the other hand, some confirmed, citing Mehmood’s’removal’ of photographs with Raheal as evidence of their ‘divorce.’ Neither actor, however, has responded to the speculations thus far.

Simply that neither of them is following the other on Instagram has fans wondering what went wrong between them. Not only do they wonder, but they also leap to conclusions. Whatever the case, the speculations were not entirely incorrect.

"sunday plus", Faryal Mehmood Confirms Divorce Rumors With Daniyal Raheel?

Mehmood discussed her relationship status for the first time during one of her recent appearances on the popular show Time Out with Ahsan Khan, where she appeared alongside singer Ahmed Jahanzeb. To Ahsan Khan’s direct question about her relationship status, she responded, “yes, she is single.”

‘Why should I bring it up?

‘ In the past, when she was not seen with her husband for an extended period, fans speculated about her relationship status, but she eventually confirmed the rumors. Further discussing her marital status, the Raqeeb Se actor stated that people were already keeping a close eye on her and Raheal. “Why should I discuss it now that it is clear we are no longer together? ” Mehmood stated. Additionally, Mehmood noted that she is not overly forthcoming about her relationship status. Nonetheless, the actor confirmed her status as a single woman.

"sunday plus", Faryal Mehmood Confirms Divorce Rumors With Daniyal Raheel?

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