In Lahore, Police Arrest A Model For ‘Blackmailing & Extorting’ A Businessman

"sunday plus", In Lahore, Police Arrest A Model For 'Blackmailing & Extorting' A Businessman

Ifrah Khan, a model and actor, was arrested Tuesday by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing for allegedly blackmailing and extorting a business person in Lahore.

Khan has a sizable social media following, with over 38,000 followers on her Instagram account alone. Khan is also a producer and entrepreneur, according to her bio.

Additionally, her bio notes that she owns and operates Ifrah Khan Productions. Khan frequently updates her Instagram with self-portraits.

"sunday plus", In Lahore, Police Arrest A Model For 'Blackmailing & Extorting' A Businessman

Several news outlets reported that federal agents arrested Khan on suspicion of blackmailing a business person and receiving money in exchange for his clip. The man approached the FIA’s cybercrime unit in response to the model’s blackmail. As a result, he filed a complaint against the model alleging blackmail and extortion.

The model is accused of defrauding the businessman of Rs 300,000 and extorting another Rs 10 million, according to a complaint filed with the FIA. Meanwhile, an additional investigation is being conducted.

Ayyan Ali, another supermodel, was arrested a few years ago. Security forces arrested her at Islamabad’s airport on suspicion of money laundering and fraud. In addition, Ali was arrested on suspicion of smuggling $500,000 to Dubai.

Following the high-profile case, other prominent Pakistan’s fashion and political worlds were implicated in duping and money laundering. Ali faced a 14-year prison sentence in the case, but she was released on bail the same year she was charged.

The exponential growth of cybercrime

In recent years, there have been numerous instances of online blackmail in the country. Meanwhile, the FIA is committed to combating cybercrime. They have successfully resolved several high-profile cases involving cybercrime. Additionally, as cybercrime has grown in prevalence, it has become critical for citizens to report such offenses to the FIA’s cybercrime wing. The woman reportedly blackmailed him for declining a marriage proposal, according to the details.

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