‘Apme Se Shah Rukh Khan Kon Hai?’

"sunday plus", 'Apme Se Shah Rukh Khan Kon Hai?' — SRK's New Doppelganger Is Going to Drive You Crazy!

The internet has discovered a new Shah Rukh Khan counterpart, and this, my friends, is insane. Meet Ibrahim Qadri, SRK’s spanking new doppelganger. He is not only the spitting image of King Khan but also a MASSIVE fan.


The entertainer-social media celebrity pays tribute to SRK by imitating the actor’s appearance and haircuts, posing and acting like him.

Qadri’s lookalike has over 40,000 followers on Instagram, where he is frequently spotted dressed as Shah Rukh Khan and uploading videos imitating the celebrity. Additionally, he mimics the actor’s signature stances.

His admirers show him a lot of love and support on social media. Qadri frequently recreates Shah Rukh Khan’s films, including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and Raees.


Qadri’s followers frequently make remarks such as “You look identical to Shah Rukh Khan,” “You should have been placed opposite SRK in FAN,” and “You would astound Shah Rukh if you ever meet him.” According to Indian Express, he occasionally faces backlash from SRK’s die-hard admirers for emulating him.


Isn’t it always entertaining to read about doppelgängers? We’re curious as to whether there is a duplicate of every human being on the planet!

Pakistanis recently discovered a local bride who was a doppelganger of actor Hania Amir. As with these two, other celebrities who bear a remarkable likeness have already come to light. Ali Rehman, a Pakistani actor, bears an uncanny resemblance to Indian actor Nakuul Mehta, his doppelganger, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

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