Tere Ishaq K Naam never fails to dazzle audiences with its compelling stories!


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The drama series “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” by IDream Entertainment, which airs on ARY Digital and stars Zaviyar Nauman, Yashma Gill, Hiba Bukhari, and Usama Khan, has become more well-liked by viewers. Unexpectedly, a storyline twist that defied all of our original assumptions based on the trailers and teasers provided before to the first episode airing occurred in the last two episodes. The compelling plot, which deals with themes of love, anger, and retribution, has left us utterly engrossed in this unusual tale with back-to-back episodes that have a profound impact.

With Azka’s assistance, Rutba deceives Khursheed and secretly marries Altamash. Rutba’s father, Mehar Ali Khan, gave Khursheed (Zaviyar Nauman) charge of watching after and caring for Rutba (Hiba Bukhari) while he attended to essential business on his properties in the inner city. Knowing this, Altamash (Usama Khan) made the decision to take advantage of the situation. He spent no time and soon profited from it. Rutba was under his strict control, and he used cunning deception to persuade her that their covert Nikkah ritual was their only chance for a relationship. Love has made the naive Rutba trust Altamash without question, blinding her to his true intentions of taking advantage of her riches, land, position, and power. The innocent girl, Rutba, continues to be unaware of her tomb.

Despite Khursheed’s best attempts to keep Rutba safe, he was unable to stop the Nikkah because of the interfering Azka (Yashma Gill), who assisted Rutba in escaping her house. While Yashma Gill’s Azka had previously sent a note to her uncle, who is Rutba’s father, she mistakenly thought he would cancel the wedding ceremony. She subsequently understood this after witnessing Rutba and Altamash exchange vows.  Despite arriving late, Khursheed was able to return Rutba to her house. He was clearly guilty, and Zaviyar Nauman deserves kudos for his outstanding performance as Khursheed.

She is completely smitten with Altamash and has been helping him with each deliberate step towards Rutba. She not only arranges their hidden meetings and discussions, but she also plans Rutba’s escape from her house so that she may travel to Altamash’s house for the Nikkah ceremony. Azka tries to take precautionary action by getting in touch with Rutba’s father, but her efforts are ineffective as she witnesses the guy she loves saying “Qabool Hai” to Rutba, her own cousin. She completely fails not just to disturb the Nikkah but also to stop it from happening. The Urdu saying “Apnay paao pe kulari marna” perfectly describes Yashma Gill in the most recent Tere Ishq Ke Naam episode.

The ethically ambiguous character Azka is expertly portrayed by Yashma Gill in “Tere Ishq ke Naam.” The one thing she cherishes most—Altamash’s love—is the object of her tremendous envy towards Rutba’s riches, prestige, and power. Azka decides to find a means to dissolve the Nikkah by making plans to get closer to Altamash after having a mental breakdown in the episode and seeing the significance of her actions in bringing Rutba to Altamash. Yashma Gill expertly captures the crafty and nefarious character of Azka, leaving us interested to see what strategies she devises in the next episodes as the plot develops.

Will Altamash succeed in convincing Rutba to take all the riches from her house by manipulating her even more? Or will Rutba eventually see that she is only playing the puppet and wrecking her life in the process? Every Thursday, Tere Ishq Ke Naam is broadcast on Ary Digital.

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