Shahzad Malik MD Master MoltyFoam Shares Insights About “Revolutionizing Mattress Technology in Pakistan Since 1963”.


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In 1963, Master Group pioneered and revolutionized an untapped market in Pakistan with the concept of foam mattresses. Since its inception, Master MoltyFoam has innovated comfortable sleep solutions.

MD Master MoltyFoam, Shahzad Malik, sharing his thought, said, “Since 1963, the pace of innovation isn’t slowing down. We have strived to gain customer loyalty, a promising business reputation, and client satisfaction by providing top-notch, innovative, and quality products.” The owners of Master MoltyFoam believe that utilizing innovative technology allows you to achieve transcendence with productivity and efficiency.

Mr. Shahzad Malik further added, “Innovation has been our most vigorous pursuit since the beginning and is an irreplaceable part of our Ethos. Our products are developed with an approach to provide the customers with a better night’s sleep.”

MoltyFoam, with its quest to provide unparalleled sleep solutions, wants to revolutionize Pakistan’s sleep ecosystem by not only setting but raising the benchmark by bringing global standards of quality, innovation and technical development to its customers. Some of the groundbreaking technologies introduced in Pakistan are Memory foam, Pocket spring technology, Healthcare range, CoolGel mattresses, the sleep range, hybrid mattress technology, maternity range, baby care products, therapy products and a wide range of advanced transformative accessories.

Pioneering the memory foam technology, MoltyFoam has constantly introduced memory foam products inspired by NASA’s space age technology which mold slowly to the body in response to pressure. All memory products in the Molty range offer the perfect balance of support and comfort.

The MoltyOrtho healthcare range is Pakistan’s only Orthopedic range approved by doctor’s and carries the seal of approval of the American Orthopedic Association. The diverse MoltyOrtho range offers a bouquet of products tending to needs of different sets of consumers.

Our Pocket spring mattresses are a realization of our passion for delivering a smarter and comfortable sleep experience. Decades of craftsman ship is put into motion to use micro-pocketed springs and layers of high density of memory foam and latex to form a luxury opulent surface.

The dual comfort feature of the 2in1 technology opens up a world of choices for the consumers and gives them the freedom to enjoy two mattresses for the price of one. Both sides, firm and soft can be used to find the perfect balance of support and comfort to suit individual needs.

CoolGel 7 zone technology is a solution developed keeping in mind’s Pakistan’s extreme climate. The infused gel removes excess body heat and results in improved blood circulation; resulting in CoolGel becoming a favorite for the Pakistani consumers. The MoltyFoam Hybrid mattress offers the “best of both worlds” approach to mattress design, combining the responsive support of a foam mattress with the structure, spinal support, and bounce of firm pocketed coils. 

Not only this, MoltyFoam introduced Pakistan’s first-ever inclined therapy mattress, MoltyCure. The main benefit is improved blood and lymph circulation, simply by gravity. Moreover, MoltyOrtho is Pakistan’s only Orthopedic range approved by doctors. 

To offer a unique shopping experience, MoltyFoam introduced a Door-to-Door sampling service where wellness experts bring the store to the door and allow consumers to try multiple products and pick the one that suits their needs best.

MD Master MoltyFoam Mr. Shahzad Malik shared, “We have developed a Master Fresh Guard Technology protection mechanism. Each product is treated with antimicrobial processes to restrict the development of mites, fungi, bacteria, etc., thus providing your mattress, pillows, and other items a long healthy life.”

State-of-the-art technology, finest craftsmanship, strict quality controls, and continuous consumer interactions ensure that they achieve the highest level of perfection in producing the best products in Pakistan.

“Many people used to find quick fixes and shortcuts to a better night’s rest. But in this digital era, most of us are concerned about what we’re sleeping on; we prioritize investing in good mattresses and value a better purchase. Hence MoltyFoam is in a continuous hustle to revolutionize and provide our customers with incredible sleep products.” says Shahzad Malik.

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