PUBG MOBILE Marks Its Fourth Birthday With A Special ‘Game Strong Hai’ Anthem Written By Bilal Saeed And Aima Baig


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PUBG MOBILE, Pakistan’s most popular mobile video game, celebrates four years of amusement, vitality, and thrill with a slew of celebration festivities. These include a Version 1.9 update and, more crucially, a rendition of the ‘Game Strong Hai’ anthem by two of the country’s most illustrious performers. The song, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Bilal Saeed and Aima Baig, embodies the playing spirit and passion that PUBG MOBILE has demonstrated to its local audiences.

The fourth anniversary of PUBG MOBILE in Pakistan is being celebrated lavishly. The song ‘Game Strong Hai’ by Bilal Saeed and Aima Baig is an example of Pakistan’s music and entertainment industry. PUBG MOBILE is using the theme to symbolize the changes it has brought to the country’s gaming and entertainment scene. The platform has opened different routes for engaging games but has also created revenue opportunities for individuals around the country.

PUBG MOBILE has been incredibly successful in mesmerizing audiences and gamers through unique online gaming and entertainment options since its premiere in Pakistan. Various significant enhancements are coming to the Erangel, Livik, and Spawn Island maps to celebrate the game’s fourth birthday, providing users with an upgraded gaming experience. Players may now access a new floating gaming option in the skies and unique themed camps and vehicles. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to obtain a new X-Suit, take advantage of a new Season and Royale Pass Month, and participate in the game’s new partnership with the massively multiplayer online game Warframe.

The Version 1.9 Update for PUBG MOBILE includes Cycle 2 Season 5. A new set of legendary goodies, comprising Glasses, Set, Parachute, MK14, Mask, and Cover, is now available. New 4th Anniversary-themed quests will be accessible, allowing players to gather souvenirs to unlock commemorative titles and exclusive goodies. Additionally, the Ranked Classic Mode team ranges have been adjusted, Season Tokens may now be gained through Ranked Match action, and the shop and season purchase limits have been adjusted.

Month 9: Cosmic Clash will introduce new content to Royale Pass Month. Assemble the Wukong Prime Set, Fluorescent Flash Set, themed PP-19 Bizon, Kar98K, and QBZ finishes! By participating in the server-wide Golden Chicken event, players can win these benefits and a free RP Voucher (60 UC) for the upcoming Royale Pass Month, Micro Battle.

Month 9 of the Royale Pass, Cosmic Clash, begins March 22nd and concludes April 19th.

Royale Arena: Assault, the new Arena mode, is now available. In Royale Arena: Assault, the Playzone spawns randomly in various locations and can transform into a fighting zone at any time. Strong teamwork and rapid reactions are critical, as the team that accomplishes the elimination goal the quickest will win. Beginning April 07th, this fast-paced action will be available in Erangel and Livik.

The Silvanus X-Suit is included in PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update. Additionally, Silvanus may be found on Spawn Island in Erangel, equipped with unique Emotes, X-Elements, and abilities!

PUBG MOBILE is getting new cooperation with the massively multiplayer online game Warframe. Players can presently participate in a unique Warframe preview event, which includes a series of challenges that must be completed to get a skin. Additionally, players can look forward to receiving exclusive skins and an additional event as part of the Version 1.9 release, which will be revealed soon.

Version 1.9 of PUBG MOBILE will also include a reworked Classic Mode with many notable upgrades. Specific game modes now include a Recall Tower, which enables players to recall eliminated allies, giving them a second chance at victory on the battlefield. In addition, a new Fog of War Anti-Cheat system has been added to fight wallhacks to select Arena Maps and several Classic Modes. Additionally, some other quality changes have been made, including an upgrade to the Military Base Bridge in Erangel and improvements to the control, user interface, and settings.

Aftermath, the new map, will also receive various upgrades as part of PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update, including modifications to ziplines and weapon behavior to enhance the gameplay experience. Additionally, the Cheer Park will be updated with new racing games, improvements to the Shooting Range, additional fast-travel choices, and an enlarged sound and UI settings section.

Additionally, PUBG MOBILE has received a lot of enhancements, including aesthetic enhancements, UI modifications, and much more.

With a culture of solid and enduring gaming communities, PUBG MOBILE has taken this entertainment genre out of specialist gaming zones and into the hands of everyday people and their cellphones. From connecting like-minded individuals to offering prospects for money, fame, and recognition, PUBG MOBILE has revolutionized Pakistan’s environment on its own.

Version 1.9 of PUBG MOBILE is now out! The App Store and Google Play Store both offer a free download.

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