5 Reasons to Get a Summer Manicure


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Having your nails done is the ultimate form of pampering. And while applying polish at home is a quick fix, getting a professional manicure feels completely different, and if you’re still looking for reasons to get one, here are a few:

Hands and nails that are healthy

A manicure entails much more than simply applying nail paint. The first stage is the cleaning and shaping of your nails: the beautician will carefully clean them of any previous coats and shape them to grow straight and long. After you’ve chosen your color and completed the cosmetic portion, they’ll apply oil to your cuticles, strengthening and conditioning them – especially helpful for cuticle/nail biters! Additionally, they will apply hand lotion and massage your entire hand, improving circulation and hydrating your skin. When you step outside, you will feel like a hand model and will find it difficult to let go of your own. Under the polish, a base layer helps feed and nourish your nails, while the topcoat protects them from breaking.

Time for me

There is nothing quite like attending a spa to make you feel like a million dollars. It’s incredible “me” time, and regardless of the stress and craziness in your life, getting your nails done at a salon will always make you feel better. You will feel amazing regardless of where you are in the globe, whether in a manicure salon in Hong Kong or in Los Angeles. It’s also similar to therapy, as you’re very likely to divulge information to your beautician while receiving treatment. And if you’re doing it with one of your best friends, it’s suddenly a party. If you make manicures a habit (which you should), you’ll begin to look forward to your appointments, knowing that they’re a time for you to rest and relax.

Feel a sense of empowerment

You know how sometimes all you have to do is put on a decent pair of heels and you find yourself walking with your head raised? Or do you put on red lipstick and feel as if you could conquer the world? Having your nails done, on the other hand, can have the exact same impact. You’ll feel more put-together and as though you’re capable of conquering the world. Even more importantly, having plain, ragged nails will make you feel unprepared for anything, and you may be concerned about what others would assume about you. However, if you get a manicure – particularly one that lasts a little longer – you can be certain that you’ll feel great every day of the year.

Protection from adverse external conditions

If you live in a cold climate and your nails are exposed to wind, rain, and snow, or even if they are frequently in water, such as while dishwashing, working as a hairdresser, or swimming every day, your nails will suffer. Having a manicure helps preserve them from all of those causes by completely encasing them in a protective covering. Your nails will become stronger and more resistant to breakage and warping.

Make a solid choice for yourself.

The majority of women are givers — we are only concerned with the happiness of others around us, even if it means putting ourselves last. However, those days are behind you, and you know you deserve to treat yourself. Make an appointment for a manicure, dress nicely for the occasion, and enjoy it. Apart from the obvious benefits, you’ll feel better knowing you did something good for yourself.

If you’re still looking for an excuse to skip your manicure this month, there isn’t one. There are so many different styles and colors to experiment with, and you should go out and spend an hour or two in a pleasant environment – you have nothing to lose.

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