Mathira’s First Time Sharing Social Media’s Most Demanding Photos


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Mathira, an actress and model, believes that women should abstain from working for their husbands because they are not his maid. This is reported to have occurred during a program on a private television channel. “If a relationship is built on abuse, it will never prosper or break down since the relationship is being saved by only one party,” Mathira explained.

Mathira, a television star, is opening up about her marriage to Farran J. Mirza.

In a recent interview with Fizaah Shoaib, the 29-year-old discussed the injustices she witnessed throughout her marriage to the musician.

“An abusive relationship will continue abusive; if a man strikes you once, he will strike you twice,” Mathira stated in a statement.

“When I married, I was so bold that I determined that I would contribute 10 times as much to domestic chores as a typical housewife. I should have refrained from doing so because I was not a maid,” she claimed.

Later in the interview, the celebrity discussed mental slavery,’ referring to how women remain in violent marriages for years in the hope that their husbands will change. “It’s a collaborative endeavor,” Mathira continued.

In 2012, Mathira married Punjabi singer Farran J. Mirza. The couple welcomed their son Ahil in 2014 and divorced in 2018.

Yes, I am BOLD, and it is not a sin: Khan, Mathira.

Mathira Khan, the latest newcomer from across our border into the Indian entertainment scene, claims she is wary of people’s hypocrisy regarding her provocative, semi-clothed images in Pakistani media.

Frequently dubbed Pakistan’s’sex bomb,’ Mathira defends herself by stating, ‘Yes, I am bold, and being bold is not a sin.’ ‘In fact, my shot for the Pakistani magazine cover that was reported to be naked is not naked,’ she says. I was wearing a boob tube and hugged a really large man. As a result, it appeared as though I was topless from behind him.’

When asked how she has handled titillation in Pakistani media without prompting a fatwa, Mathira, who also anchors and performs in addition to modeling in Pakistan, shrugs, ‘You know, they criticize me for being brazen, but when I appear on screen, they sit down to watch me as well.’

Mathira has always been the primary target on the internet for her appearance and career. She has repeatedly demonstrated that when trolls attempt to silence her, she rises above their cruel jokes and shaming. The model and actress appeared as a guest on the Ahsan Khan show. She was asked whether she had anything to say to the trolls who insisted she had undergone plastic surgery and received implants to achieve her current appearance. Mathira was forced to state the inverse:

“I feel compelled to say something since I am aware that many people believe I have harmed my body in some way. Some will say surgery, while others say plastic, silicone, or implants. It’s very natural; do not be envious!”

Trolls attempted to target Mathira in the comment area of this post by condemning her for undergoing plastic surgery to modify her body parts. Still, she demonstrated that she is no longer willing to be shamed for her life choices. For example, when someone claimed that she owed her excellent looks entirely to her physicians, she answered by stating that liposuction and lasers were not illegal and that she would openly welcome them if she had undergone them!

“True, I underwent liposuction and had fat removed! You may speak with my doctors; I did not and will not have implants, and if I do, I will readily admit it; I do not use lip fillers or lasers; I do not run away from the things I do; I own them! I had liposuction (which is not illegal) because I was on bed rest for an extended period following my injury. I had a punctured lung and three rib fractures. I was on a high dose of medication; you may Google the details of my mishap (they are) not amusing. Plus, after I stopped taking my antidepressants, I gained a lot of weight and developed hormone problems! Thus, there is nothing to conceal.”

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