WATCH: Shaan Shahid Explains Why He Rejected A Bollywood Offer For ‘Ghajini’


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"sunday plus", WATCH: Shaan Shahid Explains Why He Rejected A Bollywood Offer For 'Ghajini'

Shaan Shahid, a renowned actor and nationalist, has revealed the reasons for his rejection to enter Bollywood, despite Aamir Khan’s Ghajini offer.

On the subject of patriots who claim to be patriots until they are granted a Bollywood contract, the host inquired about the actor’s rejection rate.

“I continue to receive proposals and decline them. And after saying no to some Bollywood stars, the experiences I’ve had in Pakistan have been surreal,” Shahid responded.

Shaan Shahid recalled the day he turned down a Ghajini offer and experienced backlash from a select few. “I was offered a role that anyone in India could have played; it was not anything that Bollywood required of me,” he explained.

“I asked them only one question: ‘Why are you looking for a Pakistani for this?’ ‘No one will be able to tell you’re Pakistani,’ they stated. ‘Of course, they will,’ I informed them. And it was the role of a monster, a particularly heinous one at that, someone who sells children’s body parts and such.”

“If you are India’s pehelwan [heavyweight], I am Pakistan’s pehelwan; I will not lose any battle for money [I will not be defeated in a fight for money] for three to four days, I sought to present my case to Aamir.’”

Is he a hero to his people?

"sunday plus", WATCH: Shaan Shahid Explains Why He Rejected A Bollywood Offer For 'Ghajini'

Shahid emphasised how he did not wish to disappoint the people who adored him and desired to view him as a national hero.

Following that, the presenter discussed a theory of acting, stating that it is the “practice of eliminating one’s ego,” given that the parts an actor perform remain merely roles at the end of the day. “Consequently, you believe your claim does not go against this rule.?” queried Nauman Ijaz.

“No, I just rejected since anyone could have played that character. “It was not the type of character for which a Pakistani should have been summoned to India,” Shahid asserted.

“So, your sole preoccupation was, ‘Why me?'” “Yes,” Ijaz agreed. “They have excellent performers and academies that produce 300 to 400 actors daily.” I also informed Aamir that if you’re looking for an actor from Pakistan, we have enough that fits the bill nicely, including someone like Nayyer Ejaz.”

While many Pakistani actors have previously declined B-Town offers for various reasons, a select few have not shied away from exhibiting their talent over the border.

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