Are there weeds growing between the tiles? This is why you should refrain from attempting to remove them.


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"sunday plus", Are there weeds growing between the tiles? This is why you should refrain from attempting to remove them.

Weeds also have a number of advantages.

They can be extremely unsightly, with weeds coming out between the tiles or on the patio. Even after spending an entire day on your knees attempting to eradicate all weeds, they always manage to reappear in the exact same location as before. However, eliminating all weeds is not necessary. Indeed, weeds can be quite beneficial!

We all believe that weeds are undesirable. Of course, they detract from the beauty of your garden. However, nobody ever truly desires to undertake the process of eliminating them. Are you concerned about de-weeding? Then we have some wonderful news for you. There are numerous advantages to allowing it to develop naturally!

"sunday plus", Are there weeds growing between the tiles? This is why you should refrain from attempting to remove them.

Drainage of water

Bid farewell to long hours spent de-weeding! Allow them to grow a little, and you will avoid having to apply a variety of chemical remedies to keep them from growing back. While it may appear a little haphazard, one of the reasons you’ll want to preserve the weeds is to aid with water drainage. Often, water cannot drain properly through landscape tiles. You’ve probably noticed how frequently your garden floods during a hard storm. However, weeds growing between the tiles absorb a significant amount of precipitation through their roots, increasing the amount of air in the soil and allowing water to drain more smoothly.

Soil quality

Weeds can also reveal a lot about the soil condition in your garden. For example, nettles, elderflowers, and little knobwort thrive in nutrient-rich soils, whereas hop clover grows in calcareous soils. Coltsfoot thrives in poorly structured soils and cleaves anew in nitrogen-rich soils. Therefore, if you’re considering planting flowers or producing your own vegetables, the weeds in your garden will inform you of the best plants for your soil.


Thirdly, weeds are an excellent technique to keep insects away. For instance, butterflies hide behind plants and frequently lay their eggs on nettle leaves. However, avoid having too many nettles in your garden, since they can wreak havoc on other plants and their roots. Keep one but discard the remainder. Have you collected them all? Do not discard them; they might be used as fertiliser. Additionally, nettles can be used to make soup or tea, and elderflower and dandelion can be used to make syrup or jam.

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