Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin


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"sunday plus",Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin

Choosing a foundation suited to your skin’s tone can be a daunting task, as it sets the foundation for your final look. It’s also the most demanding one needing a professional artist to set it right or it has to have the formulation that creates the magic without a chance to go wrong. With a bit of research and an awareness of your skin tone, you’ll end up with the perfect one that doesn’t appear like you’re wearing a mask. If you’re keen to find perfection, we have got an excellent solution to overcome this challenge.

The best is to choose a foundation that matches your skin type too so that it stays longer. If you have oily skin, opt for a powder foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation. These contain powders that absorb excess oil and leave a smooth and even matte look. Mineral foundations are also beneficial for oily skin types, as the dry particles absorb moisture and reduce shine.

 Amrij Matte Long-Wear Weightless Liquid Base

"sunday plus",Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin

This “Matte Long-Wear Weightless Liquid Base” has the perfect skin tone matching properties. It’s an oil-free moisturizing formula that is a perfect partner for hydrating skin which keeps makeup fresh for a long time. It has shine control properties and can stay for up to 15-18 hours, so say BYE-BYE to flaky foundation skin and say HI!!To Amrij Matte Long-Wear Weightless Liquid Base. It has medium coverage and an ultra-silky flawless and vibrant look absorbs excess oil, covers imperfections, and keeps oil away for up to 12 hours. It is available in three different shades to match the skin tone. All the products are Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested; allergy-tested and no animal was every harmed in testing.

Selfie Ready Liquid Foundation:

"sunday plus",Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin

A lightweight, buildable foundation with a dewy finish and perfect for an even out skin tone. It provides hydration, softness, and smoothness to the skin. Special add-on is the “Amrij Cosmetics Brightening Formula”. When applied every day, “Sheer Glow Foundation” enhances the skin’s brightness and texture, making it look more natural. Suitable for a natural, soft glow that keeps you ready for any selfie, any time of the day. Available in four universal shades to accommodate people of all skin tones. There will be no clogging or caking of any kind. It doesn’t dry you out or change color over the day. A little goes a long way. Just one dot is all you need to cover your entire face and steal the social media with super selfies! Available in three different shades/colors according to match skin tone. Manufactured in compliance with international standards.

How to Choose Your Shade Go with Our Amrij Flawless Long-lasting Foundation:

Take note ofwhat is going on with your skin and foundation? Why the makeup appearing so flaky and grey? Probably the foundation has not been set right. Now worries!Now you don’t need to spend extra money on foundations, because the solution to your problem is here.

These issues stem from one thing: the improper shade of foundation. There is no one-size-fits-all foundation. It’s just as vital to know how to apply foundation as it is to know what foundation to use. This is our go-to advice for finding the ideal foundation hue for your skin tone.

The color seen through the skin from beneath its surface is referred to as the “undertone” of the skin. Warm, neutral, and cold skin undertones can all be found in the same person. Here are a few tests you can do to determine your skin’s undertone:

Start with a wrist test to see if you have varicose veins. You’re cool if they’re purple or blue. Your skin tone is warmer if your clothes are green or olive in color. If you can’t tell which color is the most prominent, you’re considered neutral.

If slides skin gets red when exposed to the sun, you have a cooler undertone. You have a warm undertone if you are easily tanned in the sun.

Amrij Flawless long-lasting Foundation is enriched with vitamin E advanced weightless formula. It’s also available in 4 different shades dermatologically tested.

"sunday plus",Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin

Studio Fix Refinement Stick

"sunday plus",Amrij Cosmetics: The Game Changer for Your Skin

If you’re trying to streamline your routine or just want to end your search for the perfect foundation, we have some good news for you.

If you’ve been looking for a foundation with buildable coverage, a lightweight formula, and a slew of skincare benefits, these versatile essentials are just what you’ve been seeking.

Stick foundations differ from traditional ones in that they have a creamy, lightweight consistency that can be built up to provide the necessary level of coverage. No matter what kind of appearance you’re striving for, the flexible foundation stick has you covered. Try Amrij Cosmetics Studio Fix Refinement Stick for a very natural finish to rock your party needs.

The Best Way to Use Foundation.

  • Although pushing Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation into your skin with your fingertips is encouraged due to its revolutionary, serum-like nature, you may also use the Liquid Touch Foundation Brush or a moist sponge—whichever works best for you!
  • Begin with the least amount possible. We recommend beginning with a single dot of foundation applied to the entire face. To press formula into the skin, use your fingertips to blend in circular or tapping motions; the warmth of your fingertips will assist the pigments to melt into your skin for the most outstanding results.
  • Blend or stipple the foundation with a brush or sponge until it looks and feels like skin.
  • Add another dot for additional coverage and continue building as desired.

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